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  1. Dear UAV Coach, I am Desmond Chai, Head of Drone Management from Sarawak Energy Berhad, an electric utility in Sarawak, Malaysia. Drone is my passion as I have been using drone since 2015 and had accumulated more than 70 UAV flight hours. I have been reading news from Alan, UAV Coach many years back since I first started exploring UAV technology and developing UAV application program for my company in 2014. Now, there are more than 30 UAS fleets have been created across my organization. At the moment, there are around 70 numbers of UAV Pilots has been trained and competent to operate the small UAS for the aerial work. The drone technology is advancing rapidly, therefore, by attending AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 conference will allow me to gain more knowledge, connect with more people in the UAV community, industry around the World. From this golden opportunity, I will able to move further and bring more value to my company and other drone community in Malaysia. In the mean time, the conference will also create business opportunities, partnership with others exhibitors companies around the exhibition. Thank you. Best Regards, Desmond Chai