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  1. Chase, thank you, once again, for responding. I have repaired the camera gimble assembly. I have had nothing but problems with DJI support. Most parts for the Mavic Pro are available online and there are a lot of how to fix videos on YouTube. Jeffrey
  2. Hi all, I recently severed my signal line transmission cable on my Mavic Pro. I see they are available for sale, is this something I can replace my self?
  3. Chase, Thanks for the advice, I ordered filters from Polarpro and downloaded the app. Jeffrey
  4. Chase, Thank you for responding to my post. Unfortunately, I have already returned the filters. I am not sure who the manufacturer was as there was no name on the box!! It was a Chinese company. They were not the most expensive but also not the cheapest. I will try another manufacturer. Jeffrey
  5. The gimble does function properly when the filter is removed. That is what I thought the problem was. Thanks for the help. Jeffrey
  6. All, I recently purchased lens filters for my Mavic Pro, when I installed one, the gimble went crazy and the controller said "gimble motor overload", has anyone had a problem with this before? Jeffrey Scott of Denver
  7. Hello all, Obviously I am in Denver, Colorado. I am a former fixed wing pilot (VFR) and have been flying sUAS for about a year as a recreational pilot and just got my Part 107 license a few weeks ago. I am flying a Mavic Pro as the primary aircraft and a couple of lesser drones for fun. I am looking for places to fly around the Denver area for training purposes. Any suggestions? I am offering aerial services to landscape photographers. I have a degree in film and ran two production companies in Colorado. I have some chops at video production, acquisition, and editing.