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  1. is a US Drone company based in Missoula Montana Skyfish make drones for precision measurement and inspection of critical infrastructure. Accurate 3D model measurements to 1/32”. Skyfish has a lot of experience flying cell towers, is active in that business and with Federal government customers. They also make very high quality 3D models or “digital twins” of infrastructure and do area mapping and surveying as well. We would love to hear from you and specialize in listening to our customers to design the perfect solution for them. Please visit our website at
  2. . We are looking for 107 Pilots that want to inspect infrastructure with a really cool, fully autonomous, survey grade, high quality measurement drone. We supply the drone equipment, which you return to us upon project completion. San Diego Area- Need 1 – 107 certified Pilot beginning week of April, 2019 for 2 week project (maybe longer). Austin / Dallas Texas Area- Need 3 – 107 certified Pilots beginning week of April 23rd, 2019 for 3 month project (maybe longer). Nationwide - We will know more in 30 days but we may have a requir