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  1. my issue has been solved!!
  2. I am looking to spice up my life, and I want to start documenting the places I go.. I have a GoPro HERO 1 that only shoots in 1080p, but I feel it does the job since I’m a broke college kid. Would anybody recommend the DJI Spark to start me off as a drone pilot. From YouTube videos I’ve watched, it seems like the camera quality is about the same as my GoPro, which I’m fine with. Yes? No? Do I pull the trigger on the Spark?
  3. I'm trying to find out how the 2 zoom camera compares to the Mavic Airs in terms of quality. I have flown the Air and it's a very nice camera, but is it the exact same quality as the 2 Zoom? I'm probably not going to break out the extra cash for the pro but I would still like to know what I'm seeing a change in if any.