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  1. New to the forum. I live about 30 minutes north of Austin. Been doing the drone thing for almost five years. I first started with the Phantom 1. I then built three of my own. I now have a Mavic Pro and enjoy the size because I can load it into my motorcycle and take it with me. I am Part 107 and fly for my Sheriffs Office and am trained in Public Safety and Tactical Operations. I originally started my drone stuff due to being retired from Law Enforcement and becoming a licensed real estate agent with a background in photography. I did RE Photography for myself and other RE Agents. I then started using poles to get high angle pics. Then drones started showing up. Well, drones became the next step. Life changed and I returned to Law Enforcement, but the drone thing moved to the public safety area. Life is changing again and Drones seem to be my direction. So I'm studying and looking at the private path. AT