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  1. Done! I left my email in the form, feel free to contact me
  2. G'day Brian We built a tool just for this purpose! You can either upload maps publicly and they will appear on our super-map, i.e. the homepage or, you can subscribe and host the maps privately for your clients/colleagues. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback on the platform. Happy droning mate! Darren
  3. Forgot to note, I'm a Californian by birth. So technically still a Californian!
  4. G'day Richard and thanks for the welcome. I had the hull made for me and I added the Blue Robotics thrusters, Pixhawk/Ardupilot, and side scan sonar (though this image was pre-sonar). I wasn't aware the devs were in Australia, though I'm guessing in they're in Canberra? I agree DIY is fun, and generally once you're done, it's time to move on to the next project!
  5. G'day! My name is Darren and I live in Perth, Australia. I got into drones because I wanted to build my autonomous boat for bathymetric surveys. When I discovered how easy off-the-shelf drones were to fly, I was hooked! Now I work for Soar, a company delivering an online marketplace for drone, aerial, and satellite images. Cheers!