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  1. Skydio is an American company and each drone is hand built in a facility near SFO.
  2. Somebody knew they were breaking the law but I doubt Skydio had anything to do with it, other than hosting a site for customers to upload videos. The “Iceland” video looks like a user upload. Unlike DJI drones that geotag videos, the R1 doesn’t do that. Technically, you don’t fly the R1 other than launching it. It totally flies itself while avoiding obstacles. The user has control of height (64’ max), distance from subject, filming direction and some special automated maneuvers. I don’t speak for the company in any way. I’ve owned an R1 practically since the beginning of retail sales and I like that it keeps evolving. But can you blame a company for its user’s foibles? I don’t think so in this instance.