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  1. Delete my Account - You don't have a contact form or working privacy policy
  2. So what's the fastest/best way to get started 3D modeling using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro? Preferably with the lowest price point possible to get reasonable OBJ files for import into AutoCAD (simply for reviewing/discussing construction sites and/or progress) and for 3D printing?
  3. Awesome, thanks. I never assumed this type of modeling was either a) accurate or b) the next best thing since sliced bread, so please kindly take it easy in your response, but I appreciate the critical thinking. We don't plan on using this for engineering blueprints, etc. That would be ridiculous for any construction company to rely on this inaccurate data. All we want to do is this: 1. Possibly print accurate-looking 3D models of some construction projects (for decoration and to show clients) 2. Use this as a reference point for discussions about the project, etc What I meant by "automatically" generate these models is this. From my understanding, it's possible to choose an object to scan, and then the DJI or other software can automatically choose the "best" flight path to scan the object in its entirety. I'm happy to fly it around myself, but if the software can choose the flight path, then that would be a time saver and probably turn out better in the end. Thanks for your help.
  4. Wondering all these things too. I would like Terra for the Mavic series. Why wouldn't it be available for Mavic vs others? Would love to know more about other automated tools for 3D mapping/modeling of construction sites. It would be perfect if I can launch one Mavic 2 Pro and automatically generate a 3D model for CAD or printing.