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  1. NYP spots & rescues suicidal man at sea in Filey, North Yorkshire, using thermal drone
  2. Deputies make first-ever drone rescue in Collier County
  3. DJI drones helped track and stop the Notre Dame fire Source 1, Source 2 , video Gabriel Plus was later reported to have said: A video from the French Ministry of the Interior shows some of the drone footage as well as their operators. As we fully support female drone pilots, we’d like to point out that in one of the shots, a woman is seen holding the controls Of interest: Mavic 2 Pro , Matrice for public safety
  4. DJI Matrice 210 Kept Firefighters Safe During Explosive Welding Company Fire
  5. Not exactly SAR but related... Drones Deliver Vaccines to 19 Villages in Vanatu
  6. Everett


    From DJI (emphasis mine): Some settings that you may want to have on to improve RTH: Enable Vision Positioning Landing protection Precision landing RTH Obstacle Check
  7. Here you go Pls do share link if you post videos.
  8. April 8 - Firefighters used drone technology to help battle a house fire near Kindred https://www.apnews.com/f19e7a4b06774d76be8a08067b1c6491
  9. April 6 - Drone helps find 90-year-old woman suffering from dementia https://dronedj.com/2019/04/06/drone-find-90-year-old-woman-dementia/ (footage here) April 8 - Injured hiker rescued from Clear Creek Canyon with help of drone https://dronedj.com/2019/04/08/injured-hiker-clear-creek-canyon-drone/
  10. Agreed, Philip, but you can't justify a campaign based on the inaccurate and/or unfair impression that they are "leaning too much toward to hobbyists...while...leaving out more serious commercial pilots". The Phantom 4 series is outstanding, we all love it, and I see nothing wrong in expressing a reasonable demand for it to be produced again etc. but I can't find it in me to feel "dismay". I really don't understand why, if you love the Phantom 4 series so much, you are upset at the way DJI Tierra was released. Can consumers really understand the ins and outs involved in the decision-making process of a hugely successful international company like DJI? If anything, I would hope it's a sign they are not giving up the Phantom series entirely, at least for the enterprise level.
  11. Here's a few from the news Drones were not necessarily given credit in every story, but they were considered an integral part of the SAR effort. Drone and search dog help find missing man on family farm Video shows how drone is helping the search for missing Andreen McDonald Response to deadly storm is latest in the growing use of thermal-imaging drones Woodland search in Midlothian for missing man Ross Taylor Autistic woman in Round Rock found safe Calgary hunter found safe after disappearing while tracking animal Another Life Saved by a Drone with Thermal Imaging Community rallies to find lost rescue dog Max The DroneUp Search and Rescue Mission at Amboy Crater How injured border collie was found by drone Mountain Rescue Aspen's Drone Implementation Saves Hiker's Life Drones Saved Four People in One Day Last Week
  12. The Skywise statement says: Hopefully, this will be solved quickly. Also, the V2 series is out. Unrelated, but still shows work is in progress.