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  1. Hello everyone, I was recently hired on by a civil engineering firm to develop a new drone program, one that will be primarily be for surveying and mapping at first. It will eventually expand into BIM and other areas. I have a decent amount of experience operating a drone, but this is limited to drones you can buy at a big box store such as a Phantom 4 Pro. We are looking for something a little more beefy. We are heavily considering the use of LiDAR so we are in need of a Matrice 600 Pro or an equivalent. We have looked at Trimble, Leica, PrecisionHawk, and a couple of other retailers t
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Ian Holman, and I am currently working for a regional civil engineering firm based out of Arkansas. I was recently brought on to begin the development of UAV based services for our survey department. Our plan is to expand it so that the UAVs are able to support our other departments as well. I look forward to learning more from everyone as well as discussing new ideas.