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  1. I am with the KCFPV group in Kansas City. We have over 100 members and still growing - combined with Topeka and Wichita, KS groups it's even larger. We host races in and around Kansas, Missouri and Iowa on a bi-weekly basis - we're made up of advanced racers who have upwards of 10~15 quads to beginners just starting out with their first. The group is very friendly and helpful - and we welcome spectators as well as folks interested in getting into the sport. All of our races are listed on the MultiGP site - where you can register and join in races, track your results, etc. I recommend if
  2. Could you direct me to info about the Canon 100~120 cameras and their software mods to support GeoTagging? I have a large investment in technologies outside of DJI (bad experience with S1000 & the A2 a little over a year ago really turned me off), and I'm wondering if with a Pixhawk and decent sized hex if mapping can be done well?