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  1. Hi @CAVU International, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! If you don't mind me asking, how has business been since you have started and what is the biggest challenge with your business? Looking forward to your response. Best, - Chase
  2. Hi @Sealen Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It can be difficult to choose what services to offer because there are so many opportunities. To help get you started, feel free to check out our 'UAV Drone Jobs' Guide. Best, - Chase
  3. Hi @Stephen Yale, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! There are many opportunities in the drone industry and it is never too late to start. If you have any pictures you would like to share, feel free to post them in our 'Aerial Photography' thread. Best, - Chase
  4. Hi @JonPerkins, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Many fire departments around the country have started to implement drones into their everyday operations. The ability to detect hot spots via thermal sensors is a huge benefit to adding a drone to a firefighting operation. There are numerous drone applications and opportunities in the drone industry, if you would like to compare different drone models feel free to check out our 'Top Professional Drones' Guide. Best, - Chase
  5. Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great weekend and had the opportunity to get out and fly. As fall is quickly approaching, I wanted to share a picture I captured a while back. The image location is Alderman Lake in Highland, Michigan. It is a part of the Highland Recreation Area which was formerly owned by Edsel & Eleanor Ford. The lake is located just down the road from Haven Hill which is where the Fords built their retreat in the rolling hills to get away from the city and stress of building an automotive empire. The lake is one of many owned by Highland Recreation area and even today it still feels like an escape from everyday life. This picture shows the transition from Spring to Summer, I will probably go back to get some pictures of the trees changing colors. I encourage everyone in the forum to share a drone picture, looking forward to seeing the work of others in this community! Best, - Chase
  6. @JBR LIFE Photography, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! This was a really cool building to take pictures of. I had a giant tree and power lines directly behind the drone which made it a difficult shot to take. Best, - Chase
  7. It's often challenging to find a legal, safe, and visually interesting location to fly your drone, especially in a densely populated area with one or more airports. After a round of comprehensive research, our team compiled a list of where to fly a drone in New Orleans. We also have this list of drone laws in Louisiana that might be helpful. Where do you like to fly your drone in New Orleans? We welcome your comments/experiences below.
  8. Hi @[AP], We appreciate the time you took to let us know that some of the locations on ‘Where to Fly’ Portland are not legal flying locations. While we do our best to keep up with drone laws, it can be difficult to keep track of the drone laws in every city/state in this rapidly evolving industry. We have updated the locations and once again thank you for bringing this information to our attention. Best, - Chase
  9. Hi @myekul, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Do you have an address you could provide for this location or an address that is close to the location? Best, - Chase
  10. All good @FTL900, it does look like a great location and it is nice that the park does allow drones in such a scenic area. As far as Lake Las Vegas, I was unable to find any restrictions in my research against operating a drone in that area. If you have any drone photos that you would like to share, feel free to check out our 'Aerial Photography' thread. Or if you have a video you would like to share, you can post in our 'Filmmaking // Cinematography' thread. Best, - Chase
  11. Hi @FTL900, I spoke with Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas who confirmed that recreational drone operations can take place anywhere in the park except in designated wilderness areas. This location was not chosen before because AirMap has this location listed as a National Park, which are No-Fly Zones. The park has confirmed that they are not a National Park. The Las Vegas Soaring Club location will be replaced with Red Rock Canyon as it is a more desirable location. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention so we can provide the best locations. Regarding the other locations, what makes a location interesting varies from person to person and we do our best to choose not only a visually interesting location, but one that is also legal. Las Vegas is limited in terms of legal flying locations due to regulations and the complexity of the airspace surrounding the city. We always encourage feedback and ask that forum members respond in a way that's positive and beneficial to other members of the forum. Thanks, - Chase
  12. Hello Everyone! While we do our best to keep up with drone laws, it can be difficult to keep track of the drone laws in every city/state in this rapidly evolving industry. I have reached out to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and have not heard back from them yet. We always research all of the policies and regulations for every location and use the information that is available to us. At this time, we will be leaving the Maryland State Park locations as there is currently no official documentation regarding drone regulations within Maryland State Parks. We appreciate everyone who has shared this information and if there are any updates on this matter they will be addressed and posted. Blue skies and safe flying! - Chase
  13. Hi @montyradams, The Mavic's are great drone, feel free to check out our 'Top Camera Drones' guide if you would like more ideas. I hope this helps! - Chase