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  1. Many people choose to do real estate starting off and you can always branch off into different applications as you become more comfortable with your drone. If you do want to get into inspections, mapping, etc. You may be interested in looking through our professional drones guide. The Autel Duo does look like a great drone, another comparable drone is the Mavic enterprise series which you can find in the professional drones guide. I do aerial photography and videography, I like the more creative aspect of it. - Chase
  2. This is really cool @Dmitry Efremov, thanks for sharing! - Chase
  3. Hi @droneslc, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! I did some research on this location using AirMap. Here is the link for the location:,-111.834391,15.720623z?40.664218,-111.834391,15.720623z The area is Class G airspace, which means you can fly there legally. However, make sure that you are allowed onto the property and that they allow drones on the property. Hope this helps! - Chase
  4. Hi @Gary Murphy., Thanks for letting is know, we will look into this and make any changes if needed. Unfortunately, a park official can technically prevent you from taking off or landing on their property. But they do not regulate the airspace above the park. This continues to be an ongoing issue and like @Av8Chucksaid, the FAA is the only agency who can regulate airspace, but that does not mean others will not try to! - Chase
  5. Hi Ariel, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! I am not aware of a platform that allows for this level of customization. However, there may be someone else in this forum who can offer more information on this topic. Thanks for sharing, best of luck with your project! - Chase
  6. Hi @Delair, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum and congratulations on becoming Part 107 certified! What do you plan doing with your drone? I have heard great things about the new DJI Air 2S. - Chase
  7. Hi @Paul B, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Local drone laws can be tricky to navigate because states, cities, etc. do not have the legal jurisdiction to regulate the operation of drones within the National Airspace System. They do however have the right to ban the drone from taking-off or landing on their property. Technically, I believe taking off from your vehicle would still be against the city ordinance as your vehicle is located on a public right-of way (any property owned/managed by the city). If you did have permission to take-off from private property, then you wo
  8. Hi @Jetchic, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Most likely if the beach is managed by the state, then you would be prohibited from operating your drone there. However, if the beach is managed by individual counties/regulatory bodies, then it would depend on the specific rules put in place by the group/organization that manages that beach. I hope this helps! - Chase
  9. Hi @ahinkelman, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! @Joey Ambrose offers some great advice of taking care of your drone. It looks like your drone has GPS, which is a great start and it will make it easier to fly. The first drone I flew was a Syma X5C (no GPS) and it was a bit scary to fly as it likes to fly all over the place. Enjoy your drone! - Chase
  10. Hi @Unmanned Man, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! I would also be curious to see some footage from the EVO. They seem like a great drone with with a lot of different options. If you have flown DJI products, how would you rate the Autel drones compared to DJI? - Chase
  11. Hi @Mustang Pilot, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! Regarding your first question, you will need a Part 107 certification as a Part 61 pilot. However the process of obtaining it will be different than what most people go through. You don’t need to go through a training course or take the Part 107 exam. Manned aircraft pilots need to complete a (free) online training course called “Part 107 small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) ALC-451” available on the FAA FAASTeam website. More information on that process and steps over here. After you successfully complete that
  12. Hi @CookiesNCream23, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! You may be interested in having a look at our top professional drones guide to see if there is something that matches what you are looking for. What is the goal of the project? Hope this helps! - Chase
  13. Hi @Kekumbera, Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! What will be the main purpose of your website? There are many options out there where you can easily build a site yourself for a relatively cost, depending on what you're looking to do with the website. - Chase
  14. Hi Everyone! For any Part 107 renewal questions, feel free to check out this article: Please let us know if you have any questions! Best, Chase