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  1. Thanks, Alan I have been in touch with future clients who are interested in the inspection of the gas and oil sector. Can you provide me with a studies or sites that will help me in my project?
  2. Hi, My name is Aziz from Saudi Arabia. I am now preparing for my new project in commercial UAVs training and operating. Firstly let me put you in the general status of commercial UAVs in Saudi Arabia, tow months ago Saudi Arabia government allowed UAVs for commercial purposes . There are no companies in the Saudi market specialized in commercial UAVs ,also there are no UAVs academies or schools. At the same time, there is a demand for UAVs services such as training, operation and consulting. I am currently preparing the required and place. Because there are no companies in the past, I do not have much experience in this field. Please help me in providing advice or guidance or provide me with any information that may benefit me in : Where can I find qualified trainers to contract or get their services remotely? Who can offer studies and consultations? Where to get the curriculum? People do customized training courses such as training firefighters or people working in oil and gas? Business model ? Any advice or information, no matter how small, may help me a lot. Thanks Aziz alenzi