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  1. erfan

    RTL acts not normally

    where can I FIND THE CONFIG:h file for version 3.6.8 ? then I should change the code and recompile the software? I am flying inside a net which has max height of 2. that is my limitation . so would you think if I get Teraranger I can control RTL as well ?could you explain that ? Thanks
  2. erfan

    RTL acts not normally

    Thanks for checking, so it is the problem of mission planer which its param is from 0-8000 cm while it should be 200-8000cm as ardupilot stated. Please ket me know if you have found sth new,
  3. erfan

    RTL acts not normally

    Thanks I l will configure battery failsafe mode to land. but when there is loss of signal from transmitter to receiver I want my copter to Return back home instead of landing where it is , might be a tree or.... My problem is when I am flying 50cm above the ground and when RTL triggers the copter goes higher although I have set RTL_alt to 50cm ? it was going more than 2 meters... the range to set RTL_ALT is from 0-8000 cm based on the mission planner and when is set to zero it should return back wherever it is but not gaining altitude. could it be a bug or there is sth I am missing to set but I DONT KNOW what? In Ardupilot website this range is defined from 200-8000 cm .. how could these range vary ?is it a bug? my parameter was : RTL_ALT : 50 cm (I expect to come back after reaching this altitude) RTL_ALT_Final: 0 (I expect to land but it did not ) RTL_ALT: RTL Altitude The minimum alt above home the vehicle will climb to before returning. If the vehicle is flying higher than this value it will return at its current altitude. Range Increment Units 200 - 8000 1 centimeters RTL_ALT_FINAL: RTL Final Altitude This is the altitude the vehicle will move to as the final stage of Returning to Launch or after completing a mission. Set to zero to land. Range Increment Units -1 - 1000 1 centimeters @Spitfire76
  4. erfan

    RTL acts not normally

    Hello, I have two question first: I tested today RTL mode for my copter, there are two fail safe modes that I set for the trasmitter to triger : 1) when the battery is low it should change yo RTL 2) when the transmitter is off it should triger to RTL today when I flow the first option happned : so in the monitor showed battery fail safe mode and suddenly the copter went higher and I had to switch to stabilize to get the control , what I expected was to land because the Parameter RTL_ALT_final is set to zero which is landing, does any one know what is the problem that it went higher and didn’t land?! Second question: I also tested this when the copter has no prop on , and turning off RC reciever so it should trigger to RTL and then land but it shows in MP in the screen bottom corner that RTl is trigered and suddenly the altitude is increasing from 0m to 1m and 2 m and higher ( 1m>0m) ..( 2m>0m) which is not true since the copter is on the ground. I tried to change the RTL_ALT to even zero but it was still showing in mission planer that the altitude is increasing.I tried to increase the landing speed to 100cm/s but still the altitude was increasing in the screen and again I needed to turn back the transmitter on and change to stabilize mode to disarm the motors. does any one know how to solve this issue? @Spitfire76
  5. Hello, Does anyone know what is the reason why my copter when I throttle a bit down descends too fast? I am in stabilize mode I did all calibration including radio and ESC .. Is it normal to desends like that in stabilize mode? do I need to change any parameter for that?! @Spitfire76
  6. Thanks, 1)you mean using a power module ?! I am already using one but I need another one which has 2 outputs of 12 vand two outputs of 5.3 v. is sth like this available ?! 2) I found this one also in ardupilot website : what is difference between this and tera one ? which one do you suggest?! @Spitfire76
  7. Thanks, I have two questions: 1) is this for controling the height?! Or is it like collision avoidance sensors? 2) the Adapter Tera one I2C supports 3-4s battery. I have a 6s battery , How Can I use this adapter ?! @Spitfire76
  8. Hello I have two questions: 1) I wanted to know why some people when tuning change PID values of throttle accel but some change the throttle rate, what are their effect on the copter?! What is the difference on the copter?! can anyone explain that? 2) why I can not increase my throttle accel P and I value?! the max p is 0,5 and the max I valie is 1 @Spitfire76
  9. erfan

    Throttle P value

    Yes I did calibrated every thing. I hadn’t changed any PID values before but today I changed P calues for pitch and roll it became abit better but for throttle not yet it is default still... that is also my question for throttle to be smoother which value has to be changed?! For RTL I haven’t tried I wanted to have a smooth flight before changing to another mode . @Spitfire76
  10. erfan

    Throttle P value

    In Stabilize mode but can’t have a smooth landing, tried alot i should give throttle when landing otherwise it lands hard @Spitfire76
  11. erfan

    Throttle P value

    Hello my copter when descending, it lands really fast , Does any one know how to control it to have a smooth desend?! maybe I should change P value for throttle I am not sure. any one has experienced it? @Spitfire76
  12. Yes I also tried and it accepted it, but from what range is the GPS accurate ?! I need to fly at lower as possible ...? @Spitfire76
  13. Okay. I have a Question regarding to this . do you know what happns if I set the fence_Radius to 2 meters althought the min is 30 meters? or setting the fence_Alt_max to 2 meters althought the min is 10 meters? would it be still okay ? I am asking because I want to have a little area covered(6-7 meters ) only and fly not more than 3-4 meters above the ground. @Spitfire76
  14. hello , I want to fly to a certain altitude with a certain speed( not too much speed as it happened during my last fly) during loiter and RTL and auto mode . but I am not sure which parameter should I change to ensure that my copter is not flying too far away. I would suppose some of them are as follows. Any one has any experience to fly with changing these parameters? @Spitfire76 RTL_ALT LAND_ALT_LOW PILOT_ACCEL_Z LOIT_SPEED LOIT_ACC_MAX PILOT_SPEED_DN PILOT_SPEED_UP WPNAV_SPEED WPNAV_ACCEL WPNAV_ACCEL_Z
  15. yes that is what happened I suppose. Thanks. how to check at how much percentage is my throttle exactly?! do you know which parameter is the internal compass to disable it? I HAVE compass_usecompass_use2compass_use3 ??? @Spitfire76