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  1. That All seem good to me I will try that as well. I tried another way and it is working now . I changed the ServoX_Function (from 9=AUX1 till 14) to 1 which is passThru then I defined a switch on the transmitter for each channel . then I powered the servos on the pixhawk by using a power back up to the main out number 7 or 8 . in this way the servo has power and can function. then I connected the servo on the AUX 1-4 and all worked well. My problem was I was not giving the servo on the pixhawk the enough power. What do you think of this way? @Spitfire76
  2. Hello Does anyone know how to use the aux out channels (from 1 till 6 aux out)on the pixhawk ? I need to use two or three of them to do specific function (for example to assign it for tilting a servo, landing gear,tilting camera, taking photo) all these need to be done using some switches on the transmitter . I am using X8R receiver and frsky transmitter X9D plus . I tried to change servo*_function to Rc Thru or landing gear , but it didn't work. Could you please help me to find out how to define this function ? Thanks @Spitfire76
  3. yes it is operating , I found the problem I corrected the problem by changing the param . LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to 1.
  4. Hello, I have a problem of bad logging in mission planer hub , as soon as I connect the rangefinder it shows bad logging, and as soon as I disconnect the rangefinder it shows bad LIDAR Health how could I solve these two problems? @Spitfire76 Thanks
  5. The range is indeed an issue. I want to send my drone to somewhere lets say 300m or 400m distance (or maybe more )and once its in the location and landed I get a message regarding that it is landed and give me a message to forexample Turn your LED on and then I need to tell to the drone it needs to turn on its led by writing the command or forexample Start a measurment. @Spitfire76
  6. Yes Exactly, Could you explain how this is done? Yes that is exactly what I need to understand . so your suggestion is to connect the Air radio telemetry on drone side to the pi? I can connect them physicall by connecting the Air radio through usb to the pi .right? but do i need to write also some code ? to connect the pi to the pixhawk: I use the pin 2,6,8,10 on pi side and connect them to the pixhawk tem2 . right ? Could you please explain it further? Thanks @Spitfire76
  7. erfan

    Terrain following

    1st question : I meant changing LAND_ATL_LOW to a lower value rather than 10m --------------------------------------------------- 2nd question : after changing this parameter in SITL param set RNGFND1_TYPE 1 param set RNGFND1_SCALING 10 param set RNGFND1_PIN 0 param set RNGFND1_MAX_CM 300 param set RNGFND1_MIN_CM 10 param set RNGFND1_ADDR 49 I simulate the flight above 10 m speed of down was about 150cm/s but below 10 m it was decreasing to 70 cm/s and about 6 m it was about 50cm/s and below 3 m was also below 50cm/s meaning no difference between 10 m and 3 m for the land speed? I also tried this with a higher range for RNGFND max = 6000 and RNGFND min = 20 the result was still the same , I could not see that much difference between the speed of landing does it make sense? Could you also test it? @Spitfire76
  8. senario : My pc which is connected to the Ground radio telemetry needs to send some messages say (hello) or on mavproxy commend (arm throttle) to the pixhawk telem 1,and on the pi which is connected to telem 2 , I need to receive these messages. what I could do so far is : Using mavproxy I can send some commends and the pixhawk will act on the commends , e.g arm throttle.(pixhawk port Telem 1 is connected to air radio telemetry). I can also control the pixhawk using the pi , arm throttle ,... .( Pixhawk port Telem 2 is connected to the PI). what I could not do is : receiving the sended commends from mavproxy on the pi? is there any body that can help to figure out this issue ? @Spitfire76
  9. erfan

    Terrain following

    what does sentence exactly mean by the word Terrain ? When the rangefinder can “see” the ground, the pilot’s throttle stick adjusts the target altitude above the terrain (i.e. the attitude corrected distance from the range finder) should I use terrain following enable when I am using rangefinder to atomically adjust the height? if yes how this terrain used for rangefinder? @Spitfire76
  10. erfan

    Terrain following

    This is what is written in full-parameter list when searching TERRAIN_FOLLOW In LAND mode the vehicle will slow to LAND_SPEED 10m above terrain (instead of 10m above home). does this mean even if I set 1 meter it goes to 10 meter ?
  11. Hello when checking the pricision landing with SITL I am not able to get the log when doing the following : ls -lt logs mavlogdump --type PL logs/<youngest> any idea how to get this log? and which parameter to check after getting the log : is it in the part of PL ? @Spitfire76
  12. erfan

    Terrain following

    Hello I have a question regarding to the parameter Terrain_Enable: In mission planer states that : This enables terrain following for RTL and LAND flight modes. To use this option TERRAIN_ENABLE must be 1 and the GCS must support sending terrain data to the aircraft. In RTL the RTL_ALT will be considered a height above the terrain. In LAND mode the vehicle will slow to LAND_SPEED 10m above terrain (instead of 10m above home). This parameter does not affect AUTO and Guided which use a per-command flag to determine if the height is above-home, absolute or above-terrain. Does that mean Even if I am using Teraranger evo 3 when landing it goes to 10 meter if setting waypoints using terrain ? Thanks @Spitfire76
  13. erfan


    Hello I have a question regarding to the basics of the distance sensor how does a Teraranger control the distance ? how does it function actually? does it actually control the distance from the object underneath or only can show the height?
  14. erfan

    throttle failsafe

    not really I am also using the no signal method. But I was curious why the other method is not working for me.
  15. erfan

    throttle failsafe

    Hello, Today I tested the throttle failsafe . I put the FS pwm to 970 and the range of Throttle is from 1000-2000 mid Throttle is 1500 When I turn off the transmitter in mission planer shows failsafe and disarmed and land which seems to be fine. But my problem is when the transmitter is off the bottom end value of throttle should trigger below 970 (I SUPPOSE) around 955 which was previously bounded to receiver ,But it does not trigger to a value below 970 and rather stays at 1000 . any one knows what could be the problem? I SEt everything based on the rule in here : which says : Turn the transmitter off and the throttle PWM value should drop to be at least 10 below the FS PWM field value (as in the second illustration below) below. but the value of mine is not droping rather staying where it is but triggers failesafe. @Spitfire76