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    AUTO Take off mode

    Hello is there anyone who could do auto take off mode (not auto mission)using pixhawk ? i.e: using a transmitter by a switch it shall take off to a specific height . I would appreciate any help . my pixhawk is up-to-date also which is v4.0.5. But there is not such a parameter in my pixhawk which is listed in link below : (e.g. TKOFF_THR_MAX ) see this link also : @Spitfire76
  2. erfan

    crash after landing

    does it really matter what kind is it ? It was Tarot 960 yes it was level
  3. erfan

    crash after landing

    Hello everyone, I flow with my drone and everything was well except the ending which the drone at first landed and then started to take off for 20-50 cm and fall on the ground. the landing was auto landing but as soon as I saw the drone is taking off ( only from one side) I tried to disarm it. here is the log. is there anyone who could help me to find out what was the reason ? @Spitfire76 2019-11-22 10-03-28.bin
  4. erfan

    Auto mission

    Hello everyone, I want to write a mission to have a totally Autonomous Flight using pixhawk and mission planner for my hexacopter. point 1 : even taking off I want to have it auto without using of transmitter . point 2: I want to fly indoor but have GPS inside. Question : is it possible to write let's say take off autonomously and 1m go forward from the starting point and then 1 m left from the starting point and then 1 m back ward and then land ? does anyone have any experience how to do it ? @Spitfire76
  5. erfan


    so my parameters are set as : INS_POS1_X, INS_POS1_Y, INS_POS1_Z all to zero and GPS_POS1_X, GPS_POS1_Y, GPS_POS1_Z all to zero so you mean there is not need to change the position according to the COG ? if Yes any way to Find the exact COG ? I have put my pixhawk exactly in the center of the frame above one damping plate and above to that my GPS with 15 cm height. @Spitfire76
  6. I assigned servo 8 for landing gear and channel 9 to a switch on transmitter. and all now is working fine. I don't know why by connecting the to the AUX servos the landing gear was not functioning .
  7. erfan


    Hello, I have a question regarding to the position of GPS/Compass I am only using External compass at the height of 15 cm from the pixhawk and I disabled the internal compass of pixhawk . So I ONLY have one External Compass used for the system is there any parameter to change regarding to the position of compass? what If I want to locate it somewhere else not in the center of gravity? can any one help with that ? @Spitfire76
  8. YES when landing it deploys fine with using the switch and also automatically when the copter is armed and the landing mode is selected. However , when taking off the landing gear does not retract or better to say it tries to retract in several steps but no success!!!!? in the satus display for ch9 i can find the following : ch9 in min: 982 ch9 in max: 2006 ch9 out min: 1000 ch9 out max: 2000 however I would like to mention the landing gear is working fine when its connected to the receiver while deploying and retracting. In addition, when I connect the servo motor to the AUX 1 , and checking the signal, the servo motor works perfektly fine for low PWM and high PWM. the question is why when I connect the landing gear to the AUX 1 it does not work when retracting? but servo motor works for high and low pwm? how I can get this work done succesfully???? here again is the setup for the pramater: BRD_PWM_COUNT:4 servo 9_function:29 servo9_max:1900 servo9_min: 1100 ch9_opt:29 ch9in min: 982 ( can be found in the status screen and radicalibration) ch9in max: 2006 (can be found in the status screen and on radiocalibration) RC9 min: 1100 RC9max:1900 LGR_SERVO_Deploy: 1000 ( and also ch9 out switch is at min it shows in the status screen 1000) LGR_SERVO_RETRACT:2000 ( and also ch9 out switch is at max it shows in the status screen 2000) LGR_STARTUP:2 This is the controller of the landing gear : Signal input : PWM signal, <1520us will deploy, >1520us will retract this landing gear came with the TAROT x6. @Spitfire76
  9. what are your servo9_Max and servo9_Min set at ? my setup are as follows , please correct me if I am wrong SERVO9_FUNCTION: 29 SERVO9_MAX : 1900 SERVO9_MAX : 1100 CH9_OPT :29 ch9in min : 982 (can be found in status and radio calibration ) ch9in max : 2006 (can be found in status and radio calibration ) LGR_SERVO_DEPLOY 1000 LGR_SERVO_RETRACT 2000 LGR_STARTUP 2 I connect the negative and signal of landing gear to the AUX 1 (servo_9 ) and I power the servo rails via a BEC that supplies 5.26 V . If I change the switch from transmitter to lower limit and higher limit : 1) when opening landing gear: it tries to open but it does not open . 2) When closing: it closes smoothly which is fine. But if I connect one servo motor and simulate it as landing gear : giving High PWM or LOW PWM all worked good . I don't understand how is that possible when connecting to landing gear it does not work but when connecting to servo motor it works fine. @Spitfire76
  10. Yes I will reboot everytime I make any changes , yes please that would be good, i have no idea what is wrong with that
  11. No I am not sure How it is triggered ? (for me is TL6X001 landing gear ) what I suppose it is also based on change in PWM, I tried what you said gain the same result, when closing there is no problem it closes smoothly. but when opening it tries to open up in several steps (it opens and closes consistently). I also tried with Receiver it worked fine .but don't know where is the problem ? @Spitfire76
  12. I changed servo9_Function to 29 and ch9_OPT to 29 (Channel 9 on the radio is mapped to a switch) what happens is when I manually open (deploy) the landing gear it will be open and at the same time closes ( in several steps until it reaches to opening step of landing gear). Do you know what is the reason ? But when I manually close (retract) the landing gear , it will be done just in one step meaning at one stage it will be closed. @Spitfire76
  13. I have set BRD_PWM_COUNT=4 meaning the AUX 5 and 6 are as relays . I have also mapped channel 6 ad relay on and off. additionally, I have power up the flight controller from the behind( servos) But as I check the voltage on the relay (AUX5 and 6) and change the switch on the transmitter. the voltage is no voltage change!? how can I check if this is working fine or not? Thanks
  14. So you mean when a flight controller wants to control a function (rectractable landing gear) Then a servo*_function needs to be mapped ,right? Now the question is in case of triggering any mode forexample RTL or AUTO the mission or the location is saved inside the SD card of the flight controller , why we only map them only to a input channel from receiver? @Spitfire76
  15. No I haven’t used all . I was only curious and wanted to know What and where are the 15.16 channels for. Do you know how can I use the AUX 5 and 6 to turn on some led lights alternating? AUX5 and 6 are digital pins. @Spitfire76
  16. I want to understand the concept of it. So you mean there is no physical connection ? As I understood there are 14 channels on the pixhawk naming (8 main out+ 6 AUX ) I tried also with servo 15 _Function or servo16_function but where do I connect the servo for example to check if I get the signal from that specific output ? I would appreciate any idea. Thanks @Spitfire76
  17. I want to understand the concept of it. So you mean there is no physical connection ? As I understood there is 14 channels on the pixhawk naming (8 main out+ 6 AUX ) I tried also with servo 15 _Function or servo16_function but where do I connect the servo for example to check if I get the signal ?
  18. Hello , on the pixhawk we have 8 channels related to main out (CH1-8) + 6 Aux out (CH9-14). so in total there is 14 channels. Which I can see the PWM outputs using mission planner when doing radio calibration. So my question is where are the 15th and 16th channels ? and how to assign them to specific command? Thanks @Spitfire76
  19. erfan

    power module

    Hello, I am looking for a power module for my pixhawk, my hexacopter draws more than 150-160 AMps . Any one has any suggestion? I want to use two or three parallel batteries to attach to power module? Regards, erfan @Spitfire76
  20. No , I tried three ESCs out of 6 which I bought , but three of them warmed up and got burned, What could be the reason?! what is special about ESCs ?! Frequency?
  21. Hello i have used lumenier 51 A ESC for 2312E dji motor with a 4s battery after calibration I started to throttle up at about 70 % throttle , but suddenly I realized that the ESC is getting warm And then started to burn one of the mosfests in the ESC what could be the reason ? Continues current of ESC is 51 and bursting of 80 A and s rating :2-6s (I used a 4s battery) but I used a motor that draw at max 20 A I tested this ESC without propeller and checked it with power digital meter it was drawing less that one ampere so what could possibly go wrong ? I tested also with two other motors ( the result was the same (ESC started to warm up and burned ) @Spitfire76
  22. Exactly I want to have backup power for any voltage drop . actually what I understood the reason why Zener diode is used is because it mitigates voltage spikes beyond 5.7v on this servo rail, and the reason capacitor should be used is because it helps smoothing the voltage “ripples” further (it might not be needed but it is recommended). This might not be still a big issue for pixhawk , but what I WANT TO KNOW is why they only say 220uf capacitor for pixhawk, or 1000uf for ESC ? any reason for that ? how is the calculation done ? please see this webpage aswell which is for the pixhawk I AM using : @Spitfire76
  23. I've seen a lots of articles and threads about adding a 1000μF capacitor to the electronics setup to smooth out the power and stop potential voltage spikes from damaging other electronics. However I've seen no reasoning on the choice of using 1000μF capacitor. does any one know the reason ? or any calculation ? @Spitfire76
  24. Yes ,using a pixhawk as flihtcontroller