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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. The area is Grant County ,Ky. There are no flight restrictions and I should be flying high enough as to not concern most people. I understand that sometimes giving notice tends to add to the problem, but the local administrators feel it is important to get the word out and want to be proactive with this project. The project is still working to develop good relationships with land owners and hoping to get financial support from all of the community.
  2. I have volunteered to fly my drone for the local county tourism office. The tourism office is interested in creating a video to announce a new pedestrian and biking pathway soon to be developed. The tourism office would like for me to fly and video tape the proposed pathway for future use. I suggested to the office that we may need to communicate to the general public that on certain days there will be drone flying in this general area. The office is also interested in printing a flyer , to be handed out, informing the local residents and address any concerns prior to flying. Can anyone hel