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  1. Hello everyone, I've been flying drones for years. My workhorse, a DJI Phantom 3 Standard, is starting to show its age with poor range, frequent signal dropouts, and a gimbal that's not the most stable. I've been looking into the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced because of its 1-inch sensor (all-around obstacle avoidance of the P4P isn't a big deal for me because I consider myself a good enough pilot mobdro lucky patcher kodi who can do without it) and Lightbridge. I previously owned a DJI Mavic Pro and I absolutely LOVED its portability and its inclusion of OcuSync. That being said, should I go and buy a P4A now that it's around $1000? Or should I wait for the MP2? The 1-inch sensor on the P4A is a big deal for me since I'm deeply invested in aerial photography and videography, but the range and portability of the Mavic Pro won a spot in my heart and is also a selling point for me. What should I buy?
  2. Hello everyone,, I am a newly-certified part 107 certified drone pilot and new here to the community. I need some guidance on what is possible and what waivers & authorization I can ask for under Part 107. I need to capture video and photos in 8 different locations in (about) a mile long stretch along I-75/I-85 (the Connector) in downtown Atlanta, GA for a large project to cross over the interstate corridor. I don't have a hard deadline, but it needs to be completed within 6 months if at all possible. I spoke with a guy at FSDO in my region and I'm even more confused now about what waivers & authorizations I need to get and if this is even possible. I'm super discouraged at the moment. He said I can only get up to 400', but because I'm in a class B airspace, he isn't sure if I can get up to 400'. But, then he said if I had authorization, I might be able to get up to 1000' AGL. Ideally, I want to be at 2350' AGL if possible. To make it easier, I plan to just go straight up and down (as opposed to crossing the 200 lanes of interstate). Would someone mind to have a look at my images/location and help me through my first stab at this? I have images saved in a shareable Google drive folder, but not sure if you need to see those to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for your help!!
  3. Hello everyone,, New to the drone world and I'm a bit confused about the state of the job. From other parts of reddit, news articles, and several, several websites people talk about how ridiculously lucrative being a drone pilot is, that for a comparatively small entrance fee (a drone, and remote pilot's license), you can make quite a bit of money. In fact most sources on the web I've found show salaries between 100000-400000 dollars a year especially for commercial (construction, surveying, mining jobs, etc) use and those that get further certifications like quality assurance, insurance, safety, and thermography certs. And then I find this subreddit and posts about how much drone pilots make and you guys seem to be all doom and gloom. The price for simple aerial photography is dropping and I've seen several of you guys say plunging headfirst into a drone pilot career isn't a good idea, only getting a few hundred per job or something, but I've only seen you guys use real estate job examples. But it seems contrary to everywhere else on the internet, so help me out? Is it because most people on here are involved in basic aerial photography and not more lucrative jobs like surveying a construction site or checking thermals for any broken pipes in a building, etc? Or is it just that this subreddit is extremely small and the majority of drone pilots aren't on this subreddit? Or most of the professional drone pilots haven't taken to travelling for the job and just stay in one place? It's just odd, being that this is a very new career, with the certification only coming about 2 years back, with almost no one knowing about the career enough to commit to being a pilot, it makes it SEEM that this should be a brand new exploding job and pretty much everywhere else sends that message. I'm a tech oriented kid that really has no idea what to do with their life, wasn't able to get into college and am currently just working a crappy out of high school minimum wage job. Looking for any lucrative opportunities to pull me up by the bootstraps, found drone pilot a while back and I was shocked with the low start-up fee for a ridiculous return in investment. Can it possibly be that good, or will it be much harder than Ive been led to believe?