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  1. Most interesting, thanks for sharing. Something that will be revealing (if you choose to do it) is if you offer the same survey again, with the same questions, next year. Doing so will enable you to compare those results to the 2019 survey. The reason I think sequential surveys will be revealing is the answer distribution over the various questions viewed over time will show which way the needle is moving. In my experience with surveys this is more interesting and reliable that what the distribution is from any single survey. Hope you do it again, I'm happy to participate again if you do. Great work!
  2. Thanks, Chase, most helpful!
  3. Hi Board, My name is Peter Hunt, and I'm a recent graduate of the Drone Pilot Ground School. Can't say enough good about it - thoroughly prepared me for my Part 107 exam, which I passed on the first attempt with a 98%. I applied for my Part 107, the application was accepted and I'm very proud to say that the IACRA website shows my RP rating with a number, as of this morning! (been working off the temporary license). Now to find work - I'm early-retired from the IT industry and looking to work full time as a drone service provider. So far I've been working on setting up infrastructure - website (, YouTube Channel, FaceBook page etc. Any advice from those of you out there with some experience?
  4. Short answer, yes you need authorization to fly in any controlled airspace.