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  1. Hi, Im an artist working in videography and Im looking for advice on a drone to use for a mountain project, above 3500m. I have no experience with drones 😣 , need something reasonably failsafe, reasonably light, with follow me and good obstacle avoidance. Preferable is for a gimble and 4K capability and flight time of at least 20 mins. There's no money in art, so Im on a sort of tight budget. Id love a DJI Mavic pro but its outside my budget. Ive been sort of looking at a Yuneec Mantis, or else a drone that takes a separate gopro, like a Force1or other. Im not sure how any of these perform at altitude, and I heard that newer drones dont need high altitude propellers, but that the battery life is shorter, so am looking for advice. Thanks!