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  1. Hello Uas Drone Pilot, Whenever we receive a request for drone photography – and we don't have a We Get Around Network Member that offers this service - we post here. There have only been a couple of times that we have reached out here. Happy Thanksgiving, Dan
  2. Ed, Thank you for your reply. I am simply forwarding info to a WGAN Member whom is forwarding to a real estate agent. Neither of know the full Scope of Work or compensation. Given that real estate agents do not typically pay a lot and that you are not close and I do not have the info that you seek, it’s likely that this is not an opportunity for you. best, Dan
  3. FAA-Certified Drone Pilot Wanted: Ashburn, Georgia A We Get Around Network Member - on behalf a real estate agent - seeks an FAA Certified Drone Pilot for:✓ Location: Ashburn, Georgia✓ Property type: two residential properties near each other (aerial photos only)✓ Deadline: ASAP but no later than Wednesday, 21 August 2019✓ Deliverables: edited aerial photos✓ WGAN Member will refer you to the real estate agent to work directly with your client This is a free lead. Just trying to help out a We Get Around Network Member seeking help. Thanks, DanSmigrod@WeGetAroundNetwork.com
  4. Hi All, Aerial-Video Pros Wanted: Albuquerque, New Mexico (12 May 2019) (I am the founder of the We Get Around Network Forum: a free online Community of real estate photographers doing 3D Virtual Tours such as Matterport, Cupix, GeoCV, Zillow 3D View, etc. From time-to-time WGAN does get requests for drone video/photos (thus this post). If you let me know that you saw this post in UAV Coach, I will waive the requirement to be a We Get Around Network Basic, Standard or Premium Member to receive this leave at no charge. Best, Dan