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  1. hi guys! thanks for the comments... and glad that you liked it. sorry about the "FIRST", what i really meant was that was my first video using a DRONE (Mavic 2 Pro ). i have some knowledge about videos because in the 90's till 2003 i was a video camera operator and a video editing technical director for a company. during those days, i usually carry super huge/heavy cameras and assembling camera crane booms. i was really surprised with the video quality of mavic 2 camera. thanks for liking my post!!!
  2. this video features one of my city's beach resort. equipment used: Mavic 2 Pro + Osmo Pocket
  3. hi Av8Chuck, glad to know that you liked the video, thank you!. been learning to fly my mavic 2 for a couple of months now (4 months to be exact), and this is my first edited video. .
  4. shot entirely with osmo pocket and mavic 2 pro, location: Marapangi Air Strip and Samal Islands, Davao City, Philippines link:
  5. hi all, i'm JEBO from the Philippines. a videography enthusiast, just started my first shoots month ago with my new mavic 2. i'm here to explore more knowledge about drone piloting.