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  1. If you go anywhere near a DoD installation (I say this as I was USAF for 20yrs, retired for 3yrs) and I still frequent many bases. Before entering the gate a warning is placed there specifying that drones are not permitted to be flown on the installations. Doesn’t matter what type. Plain & simple ALL drone use is prohibited. As for DoD personnel, that’s a pretty wide-net and is false. It’s the “on-installation” that is the problem. If you go off-base and fly where it is legal, then as a DoD employee, you’re private time is not controlled.
  2. Did the same, used a label maker, put one one the front, and screw em—Incase for some reason it should come off in a bad event a second label was placed inside battery compartment as a backup w/ my phone number.
  3. Not exactly. DoD personnel are not banned from using them. They are prohibited from being used on any DoD installation for security concerns. Just like with flash-drives, hidden code could be used to attempt a hack into the infrastucture, something the military doesn’t mess around with.