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  1. I agree with AZ.... I have an inside look on some of the goings ons with the big corps like google and amazon. We, the com ops and hobby people are going to be squashed out of the avail airspace to some extent. The corps will want 200-400 agl for delivery. I have a feeling they will carve out the AMA fields but for com ops pilots doing the one off missions, that will be interesting how they end up divvying up the airspace. Money talks and google amazon has a lot of it.... It may already be too late to fight against it...
  2. I think there's already enough regs and laws to cover trespass, privacy etc..... Bad idea.... There will be enough airspace grabbers coming our way already..... its called "delivery service" and its on its way to your airspace....
  3. Flying RC has been pretty standard to use a radio transmitter (Tx as it is called, DJI really screwed it up when they started calling an RC Tx a "remote controller") Actually DJI got a bunch of things wrong with there designs and lingo. IMHO. If you ever consider flying RC in the future (fixed wing, quads, heli's) I think learning and using the standard equipment that you'll find at every RC field (prob. in the world) would be in the "best practices" area. I also think that stick resolution and accuracy would not be anywhere near using a normal Tx. I too practice full scale on the sim a