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  1. I would use it for business and pleasure. I really enjoy flying and when I don't have work I'm flying getting hours in.
  2. I would do that today if possible just for the increased ability to fly at night. The other boons are icing on a cake.
  3. Thanks. Well, I got into the drone scene with my current drone, a GoPro Karma. I know they have a bad rap but I've had nothing but success using mine. Given that they're out of the business now I'm already checking out some others. The one thing I love about using a Karma is I can take the camera off the drone and keep on taking video without having to wonder how they will look later when I put them together.
  4. I just received my temp Part 107 Certificate. Thank you for the help in getting it. Your course was presented in perfect sized pieces for me. I've long been an amateur photographer and have been playing with computer graphics and video since, well, my first "project" was made on a TRS-80! I got my first drone and wanted my 107 to fly legally. Now, I'm thinking of getting into it on the side until (I hope) it picks up enough to go into it full time. It seems that real estate is the way to start and get regular income. I'd like to move to mapping for agriculture and biology once I get