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  1. I didn't realize there were members who held these absurd views. Maybe I should reconsider my membership. I have had no problem flying. I keep away from people, fly only outside, keep a mask in my pocket in case people are too close and I do my best to follow CDC guidelines and common sense. Our governor in Illinois has tried to do a decent job managing the response to the virus, not perfect, but a sincere attempt despite the failures of the federal government. BTW, the constitution is an imperfect but otherwise marvelous document to foster self government. One thing it is not, IT IS NOT
  2. Has anyone modified their Phantom 4 Pro with high performance motors. I'd like to do that to increase lift capacity. Also I'm interested i a range extender, so that I can receive a stronger video signal and maintain RF connectivity when there are obstacles nearby. If you have a suggestion based upon your personal experience i would appreciate.
  3. Good morning everyone. Yes, last week I took the drone and my wife (or is that my wife and the drone) out to a nearby forest preserve. which allows drone flights. Few people were there: hiking, biking, picniking. I just went to an empty area, and flew the aircraft for a couple of hours. No one paid attention to me. If its ok to visit the area for outdoor recreation, and the location is legal, they're really isn't anything the local tyrants can say or do. Everyone be safe, wear your mask, wash your hands and stay away from other people and stay home except when you need to att
  4. Tell me more about the octo, I've been wanting to build one reply direct.