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  1. By far the best response to "new business" inquiry I have read so far! THANKS!!
  2. And after some more browsing there is a question of image/video processing software... As I see there are two major providers DroneDeploy Pix4D What are your experiences?
  3. Oh and there is one Phantom 2 with camera and axis gimbal for 180USD....
  4. @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach Thanks you on reply. This is the English version of Civil Aviation DIrectorate (CAD) of the Republic of Serbia http://cad.gov.rs/en/strana/20171/unmanned-aircraft Unfortunately LAW itself is on cyrilic and not translated. If it can help I will take some time to derive maybe the most important parts and translate to English... Thanks for info on other, I have also opened one more topic in Business Advice board... 😀
  5. Let me first start with disclaimer... Everything wroted down is based on some internet browsing, rethinking of ideas and gut feeling and not carved in stone... So feel free to jump in at any time! 😀 After some looking arround and only a few discussion coupled with my "yoga pants" tight budget this is what I came up with: - I was looking at DJI Phantom 3 Professional with 4K camera and they are here in Serbia in used condition with one or two spare batteries around 550-600USD (I have found one with 3 second hand batteries and no gimbal and camera for 200USD and I'm waiting on seller o
  6. Great topic... I'm kinda like OP here, and researching my options. Being in Serbia makes it harder though... 😀
  7. Hi @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach Thanks on welcoming me here... And thanks on giving some guidance in this matter... That being said, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual looks to me like... Well like Linkoln, BMW, Mercedes... Or dare I say Ferrari.... Sadly my budget goes up to Ford 🤣🤣 So I beleive some level of addopting and resourcefulness is necessary... As I mentioned drone business here is in "diapers" and in regards to thermal imaging and inspection (commercial use) I might be the first to dive in here... So while it is uncnown terrain I would not like to invest too much just to find
  8. Hello from Serbia (not Siberia 😂 ) My name is Gojkan Stojinovic and my nick EDCgear comes from my enthusiasm towards everyday carry items such as Multitools, knives, flashlights, etc. I'm 47yo mechanical engineer currently working in waste management and environmental industry, and I'm ABSOLUTE NOOB in drones topics! As stated I come from Serbia and from town Zrenjanin (75km north from capital Belgrade)... I was not so much into drones in past while it is somewhat expensive "sport" here and I haven't saw real use except fun... And boy does that changed in past few days/we