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  1. RogerRog

    Drone Delivery

    Thank you for this answer. I didn't pay attention to the date of posts here.
  2. Hi, Elenita. To start with, I recommend you to find the right drone for making photos and videos. There are so many types of them, and each of them is suitable for different purposes. I remember times when I was deciding which one to buy, and it was hard for me. Now it's easier because drones became more popular. I want to recommend you one useful article, where you can find tips on how to choose a good drone. Good luck. I'm interested in watching your travel videos).
  3. RogerRog

    Drone Delivery

    What are you going to deliver in that way?
  4. Oh my God. What can I say, technology saves the world
  5. I use Amazan for selling or buying. I think it's the safest way
  6. Hi, everyone. I'm new here. Few words about myself: Roger, USA, drons lover