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  1. Here are ones I’m looking at, any thoughts?
  2. I’m looking for help buying FPV goggles. I have quite a bit of money saved up but I really don’t want to spend it all. Thanks in advance
  3. Okay so I’m probably gonna end up sending it back to gearbest but thanks for all your help! Next question, know any good FPV drones? Lol
  4. I do not here the same noises as in the video. I will try to charge a different battery
  5. Thank you very much! I have watched that betaflight video and copied it and it still didn’t work. So this would eliminate software problems I’m pretty sure. I will double check my reciver. Also yes every other wire you mentioned is correct.
  6. Yes it was plugged in tight. No I haven't tried connecting the camera to anything yet. Why pay for goggles if your drone doesn't even fly yet right?
  7. No this is not the case on my aircraft.
  8. I tried disconnecting the camera and it did the same thing. Here’s a quick video on what the channel indicater is doing. (It keeps doing that so just play it on repeat and you’ll get the same effect) F1F35528-246B-4E17-94CF-09D6DD102E23.MOV
  9. its okay:) gonna tick all the boxes. Yes the battery is charged and connected
  10. I have tried that. The motors do not spin. When I move the master control in Betaflight (I have tried moving each bar by itself) the bars move but the motors don't spin. (when I manually move the motors the red line in Betaflights motors tab does move slightly)
  11. Yes the orange tick mark moves into the orange area in Betaflight for me too. But the motors wont spin. When I tested them with a voltmeter it tells me that they aren’t getting any power...(they ARE armed and I am applying power when I test them) Also I cant seem to upload the video. Might just make a YouTube channel and upload there.
  12. I'll show you a quick video of what happens. The switch that I move is the arm switch. Also why does the channel indicator move like that?
  13. So i can move the switch (and Betaflight sees that i move it) but it does not turn orange
  14. Update: I have managed to connect it to beta flight and set arm switch but now the motors simply do not move.
  15. Thanks that did help. Now for some reason I cant get Betaflight to work? Betaflight doesnt seem to recognize that theres any drone plugged in.
  16. Wow thank you very much for all the help! I did assume it might be something with arming the motors...I will try doing that in beta flight. How would I set one trigger to arm the motors?
  17. Oh the LEDs on the reciver? They do the exact same thing as in the video.
  18. The LEDs on the drone to indeed come on when I connect the battery. When I apply throttle the motors don’t do anything.
  19. So is the XM plus and it does everything it should do in the video but, #1 the board gets piping hot #2 when I press bind it comes up with “channel 1-8 no telem channel 1-8 telem channel 9-16 telem channel 9-16 no telem” all of these are options. And lastly nothing happens when I apply power
  20. Yes it does have a compatible receiver, I can send a pic if needed
  21. I have a Tero Q215mm DIY drone and a Taranis QX7 (it’s my first DIY drone) how would I connect the two? Thanks!