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  1. Hey Everyone! I was recently accepted into a wildlife biology master's program, and my project is going to focus on using UAV's for remote sensing of breeding wading bird colonies. I was asked to research which drone we should purchase for our study, and I've found a few likely candidates. My number one choice is the DJI inspire 2. Given the drones battery life, ability to fly autonomous transects, durability, speed, and ease of use, it seems like an easy pick. I had a question about the zenmuse x7 though. I plan to fly transects over the colonies at a height of around 30m, take dozens if not a couple hundred pictures, put them all together using a program like pix4d photogrammetry, and manually count and identify each species of bird in the colony. There will be fairly dense vegetation throughout the colony and the bird species in the study are 1.5-4ft in height (given the species in question). I will be using an airboat to get fairly close to the colonies. Which lens would work best given the conditions and purpose of the study? Do I need more than 1 lens if I lower the altitude to around 20M or raise the altitude to 40m? I’ve also considered going with the Yuneec Typhoon H Plus. What are the pros and cons to choosing a Typhoon H Plus over an Inspire 2 (I know it performs better in windy conditions and has a longer battery life)? From what I’ve read, the inspire 2 has a better camera and lens selection. What are people’s ideas on this? And how does the autonomous flight and app compare to the Inspire 2 Thank you! Ro