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  1. I made a mistake and bought a a mavic RC when I thought it was a Mavic 2 RC. DJI is not willing to take it back. The RC is brand new, not issue with it whatsoever. I am willing to sell it for $250.
  2. @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach thank you. I've been taking the full tests from the Drone pilot ground school training, it looks like I am ready. I will post for sure. I need to practice, practice and practice. I've been lucky to take a first class with one of your guys (Elliott) and he's been helping since then. Thank you.
  3. @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach I got a mavic 2 pro. I intend to eventually fly under part 107 (working on the test now, between jobs), hopefully find a way to make a little bit of money. But I also intend to take pictures with it, climbing pictures more specifically, in places where I allowed to obviously.
  4. @Chase Flynn | UAV Coach thanks, I tried to contact them, without any success. I eventually used my gmail address, and it worked. I got registered.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to this community, just bought my first drone, working on my part 107 test... In the meantime I'd like to register the drone... for some reason I'm not able to pass the very first step. I give my email address, then wait for the activation link and it never comes. I checked my spam box, asked for another link, contacted the faa help... no answer, no mail in the spam... I am not sure what's wrong. Anyone has any idea for me? Thanks Claire