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  1. Hi there, I know this is just s little bit out of the $100 range, but it is really worth it, considering the fact you want a serious upgrade. The Hubsan h501ss pro version with extended landing gear and camera holder kit. This is an excellent intermediate level drone and you will feel that you actually stepped up a level when flying it! JvZ🐉
  2. Why is there such a lack of development for quads with EDF’s (Electric Ducted Fans)? I mean can you imagine a quad blade with 4 times 70mm ducts!? What power to play with... I suppose the battery will always be an issue but, there must be some options...
  3. Hi, my advice would be, to stop playing with toys and start flying with the big boys. Want to stay in the air for 3 hours at a time? Reaching speeds of up to 120 km/ph? With a complete, proper ground station instead of just a transmitter? Sure it does not come cheap, that is what separates the pros from the kiddies club. Take a look at Vertical Systems Deltaquad VTOL UAV’s, they give you a selection of custom packages, with excellent FLIR camera, although you will need a multi-rotor, as well as a fixed wing rating, as well as a BVLOS rating (beyond visual line of sight), to fly one of these ba