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  1. Hi, new member here. Sorry in advance if some of my questions are too "noobish" I work for a mining company, limestone being our main thing, and a higher up recently got enamored with drone surveying, more specifically Trimble. After a few meetings with them, I attended being the obligatory IT guy, They seem like a legit big company, but not the most cost-friendly from my own research. Apparently the main selling points of theirs is their proprietary Image processing software/service Stratus & proprietary GCPs, Aeropoints. They claim to have images processed in under 6-8 hours by their own "professionals" and cloud service software. Our current SW takes about 24-48 hours. Of course it's a service so it'll be a monthly/yearly payment. They were also pushing their fixed wing drone UX11 & ground-based 3D laser scanners as well as their "total software package" that had CAD capabilities, point could tools, road design tools etc. Anyone here have experience working with them, and what were your experiences like? Were their higher prices worth it? Were they faster & images more accurate as they claim? I'm more curious about their software than their hardware. Thank You.
  2. I'm just curious, with everything I've been reading up on RTK/PPK recently, what reasons would there be these days to use RTK over PPK?