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  1. My biggest challenge so far is, getting experience without an exemption 333. I've been taking images of my house and the landscape around it, but I don't feel it's enough to begin a portfolio. I allowed that to trickle into"why should I build a site with nothing to put on it". Needless to say, this went on for two months, until I started taking my drone everywhere with me.
  2. I think that's a great idea Brent, this is about to change subjects a few times depending on the question at hand. GHawker my computer experienced the same thing and I have a 3yr old Mac Book Pro, even when I put the footage on my desktops I got the same problem. I just brought the 4K down to a lower resolution. Concerning the photo while videoing problem, what JT said was correct, the easiest solution is taking a snap shot from the video.
  3. Just you're local neighborhood spidey outa Orlando.
  4. Alan I wish I would've known you flew the typhoon g, a little while ago it might've saved me a few learning curves. Brent, great choice in the 4K, I have one and love it. Even though its just like the Typhoon G it(Q500) adds little more convenience. I purchased mine for the purpose of taking photos/videos and figured since I had a gopro already the G would be a better choice. I soon learned you couldn't use the photo capture or video capture buttons on the controller. So to take photos I had to set my camera to a 10 second time interval, hoping I would get pretty good shots. Similar to pre setting the camera when taking video you have to begin recording prior to takeoff. The Q500 is ready to snap and record right out of the box. I do recommend getting two micro sd cards 32gb for the st10+ and 64gb for the camera. It's easy to change camera setting mid flight the aircraft will just hover in place. I also agree with Alan get use to the three flight options it offers. I suggest learning to take off and land in smart mode, but fly in angle mode as soon as you get a good feel for things. It's an awesome aircraft I'm lucky enough to live in Florida, so I get to get out on a daily basis unless it's raining. There's so much more about the q500 but I'll let someone else tell you what they find most interesting. Let me know if you have any other questions.. Happy Flying Will