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  1. I never liked the idea of using a smartphone which is why I mentioned the display. Apparently, the Phantom 4 Plus is back again and for sale on the DJI least when I looked a few weeks ago
  2. Thanks for the advice. The drone will actually be used mostly at home and also for domestic and occasional international travel.....although our recent plans for domestic travel are on hold. I think the older Phantoms were very reliable but I heard about problems with the display of the Phantom 4 +.
  3. I am a private pilot with moderate experience with medium sized manually piloted drones. For a number of years I have trying to figure out what drone to purchase that will give, shall we say, prosumer quality. My wife and I want to use it when we travel. Of course, for convenience, the mavic comes to mind...but rolling shutter and overall video quality is not ideal. Yes, there is the Inspire 2.... however, I don't think I can justify the expense since I am not a professional . Then there is the Phantom 4 Professional +. It is appealing but I have heard that there are problems with the display of the controller. In addition, DJI is by report, not exactly consumer friendly. (Parenthetically, it is a real shame, that there are no American companies making drones of equal capability but of better quality, with better support than DJI.) So, I would like your thoughts. Andrew
  4. I am interested in doing drone cinimaphotography. I have experience with drones and am also an instrument rated pilot. I have read many reviews but cannot make up my mind. I am considering, the Magic 2 Pro, Phantom 4 Professional, and Inspire 2. While I can afford any of them I am trying to get the best bang for the buck. I think I read that only the I2 will never have a problem with the props showing up in your video frame but am not sure if that is true. There is the issue of video quality. Do I really need to go all out with the I2 to get professional quality video. I do know the I2 is pretty much the state of the art especially with the X7. However, the total upfront expenditure is quite a bit. I want to be able to use way points and have excellent flight capabilities. I also do not know if DJI has forced altitude restrictions even when flying in desolate areas outside of the country. Until a system is worked out integrating UAVs into the ATC system at least here in the states, altitude restrictions will have to remain. The cost for including some kind of squawking transponder and TCAS like system as well as implementing them in UAVs will make changing altitude regs difficult. Well, that is not my concern at the moment but it will be interesting to see how this evolves.