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  1. The Phantom series has been a great line of aircraft indeed. The P4P Obsidian is a real workhorse drone! It is very dependable, easy to see for longer distances, great imaging, etc. I hope they will continue that line up too, but the rumor mill seems to be indicating that they are going to discontinue that line in favor of a Phantom 5 or a Phantom 4 Enterprise line. I hope they keep the line up affordable which ever way they go.
  2. Greetings Chase, I really enjoyed the Flir Aerial Thermography class! It is a tough class, with a good bit of science involved, but that is what made it great. The Instructors were really awesome, well experienced, and very easy to get along with. I highly recommend it. Aerial Thermography is just beginning to really be developed, and the uses for it are already vast! Out of the gear that I have flown, my favorite is the DJI P4P Obsidian model. The camera is awesome, it is easier for me to see due to the black color for much further distance, and the 30 minute flying time is awesome! The Mavic is a great craft too, its just that due to it's small size, It is hard for me to see in just a relatively short distance, and the wind tends to mess with it more. I really love to fly my Yuneec Typnoon H Pro, but the flight time is about 1/2 of what I can get from the DJI craft, due to the H's big size and weight, and that is a big deal when it comes to working with them.
  3. Greetings Bill, I am really interested in flying for projects like you mentioned! That must have been such a blast! I live in Panama City, and have some relatives that live in the St Pete area too. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your work. Blessings! Dan
  4. Greetings fellow UAV Coach members! My name is Dan Schroeder. I live in Panama City Florida. I have my FAA 107 Certification, Airspace Authorization, and just completed the classroom and written test for the Flir Level 1 Aerial Thermography Certification. I’ve started my own business here, doing aerial photography, and I’m getting ready to start the aerial thermography imaging too! I have experience flying the DJI Inspire 1 version 2, the DJI P4P version 2, the DJI Mavic Air, and the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro. I’m experienced in using the Pix4D program. I also flew for the FEMA Incident Commander in support Of post post hurricane Michael disaster recovery operations. I’m really excited to be a part of UAV Coach now! I will be starting a hands on drone flight training here in PC too. Blessings!
  5. Hi Bill! This is Dan Schroeder, retired Callaway Firefighter. We need to get together and do some flying! I have a yuneec H Pro hexcopter, and I would be excited to let you get some stick time just to see what it’s like. I just joined UAV coach. I have my 107 Certification, and am making a little cash now. Contact me here and we’ll reconnect! Blessings!