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  1. GoPro7 takes fantastic shots but just be aware of the sun light direction. If the sun isn’t at your back it falls apart. They boast the low light is better with the 7. I don’t see it. iPhone X does better. I have had issues with the 7 locking up too. So much so I almost didn’t take it on my scuba dives but learned how to reset it by holding the two buttons. I had to do it once one while diving which was a pain. They just released a firmware update that’s supposed to fix it so time will tell but the few times I have used it since have been fine. Fingers crossed 🤞 I am considering a 360 cam for this holiday season. Any experience with them?
  2. I have a Mavic Pro (First Gen) with some ND Filters. and SkyDio. I find the Mavic more useful and will upgrade to the zoom version down the road. The rest were GoPro 5 and 7 (Black) footage with some iPhone X mixed in. Don’t have a crazy setup just lots of toys. 😉 My wife calls herself a GoPro widow when we go on vacation but really enjoys the end results when done so she puts up with me. Everything was edited in Final Cut Pro. No one gave me any grief in Kauai or any place I have flown. If anything, the few people around were really curious on what I could see. I was also respectful of people around. If there were lots of people around I would not fly or would wait for people to leave. I could see why some surfers (and people) get pissed though. I saw one guy flying quite close to the surfers and restaurant growers when I was having dinner at the Beach House. I didn’t say anything though because I thought he was with the surfers.
  3. Ha! My wife will be on board if she gets to come too!
  4. Thanks for the info all. Although I wasn't able to fly everywhere I wanted, I did get some great shots. Check it out!
  5. I have been up in Princeville these last few days and if you get up early between 5 and 8am you won’t have to worry about the Heli traffic or winds. Got some great shots of Hanalei Bay at that time and saw no aircraft. PS... AirMap seems to do a good job at showing where and where not to fly. I have been using that app to double check before I launch.