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  1. I can't believe it...After I posted a few complaints, and called them a bunch of times. I all of a sudden got an email showing the battery was ordered and on the way. After a few more days, A battery came to my house. It is a Powerextra clone battery. Kind of bummed. I paid 143.00 for a battery I could have ordered on Amazon for about 100.00. I don't know if I will completely trust this aftermarket battery. Guess I will keep it low for a few flights to see how it goes. I was really hoping to get an O.E.M. battery. Your website looks like you specialize in batteries, I disagree. Guarantee I
  2. I just had the same thing happen. I ordered a Phantom 4 pro plus battery and have been waiting for over 2 weeks now...Went to their webpage and called them...Super long hold..Guy picks up and I can barely hear him. He keeps telling me to check the tracking on e-mail. Went in and entered my order number. And it comes up as missing order number. Now they won't even take my call. Terrible company. Going to get the bank involved now......This company is a complete scam!!!!!! Super un-happy.