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  1. I run a Life Long Learning Group in Charlotte NC. We have 800 members and hold monthly evening meetings with invited speakers covering a wide range of educational and current affair topics. Usual attendance is 350-400, and our meeting room has a full range of audiovisual capabilities. I am looking for a speaker in the Charlotte area who could give us a wide ranging introduction to the drone world - current and likely future applications, civilian and military perspectives, benefits and drawbacks, flying a drone oneself etc. I would be very grateful for any suggestions or contacts, John Harrison (
  2. I am programme manager for the Life Long Learning Group at Sun City Carolina Lakes in Charlotte NC. Our group has 1,400 members and meets monthly to hear talks on a wide variety of current awareness and educational topics. Talks are given in the main Lodge which has a full range of audiovisual projection equipment. I am looking for someone to give a wide ranging talk on the current status of drone technology, likely further development and uses (both civil and military), and benefits and drawbacks. We operate on a limited budget, but can pay reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.I would very much appreciate any recommendation for good speakers we might find in the Charlotte area. John Harrison. (