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  1. Yes, the boat had a modern Lawrence fish finder/mapping device on it. I didn't think to try having them turn that off. Maybe that was the culprit? Also I plan to take my GoPro, get it running and see if it creates any interference for me with the Mavic controller.
  2. I was flying my DJI Mavic 2 Pro off a fishing boat in the Louisiana marsh last week. Three trips up, three 'lost connections.' Very freaky. We noticed that the trolling motor--which has its own wifi/remote setup--seemed to be affected when the drone was up. So I tried going up with the trolling motor stuff turned off BUT IT STILL HAPPENED. I didn't lose the drone but if I hadn't had LOS, it might have been a huge issue. Afterwards, I read that the GoPro wifi signal can sometimes interfere with other operations. There WAS a GoPro running this whole time. Anybody know if this could have caused it? This was really unsettling as I've had no issues flying this machine for the past year.
  3. So the FAA will NOT be issuing me a new, shiny, good-looking certificate card now that I've passed my 2-year recurrent test, correct? And I need to NOT lose or damage this embossed sheet of paper that says I'm good for the next 2 years---nothing else gets issued? Thanks. Just trying to make sure I dot all the proper i's here!