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  1. Unless you really know what you are doing, don't mess around with home built crop spraying drones. The combination of size and weight, and dangerous chemicals should be left to the pros.
  2. I have seen a lot of sugarcane ripening spraying done with the DJI Agras, some is very good, but some also very bad. Ripening of sugarcane is done by spraying a mild dilution of herbicide which scorches the plant and stops growth but does not kill it. this means that it is very easy to see how effective the spraying has been. If it was well sprayed then you can see a nice even browning of the crop, but when not done well it is very patchy and often stripy. I am not sure but I think RTK would help a great deal in improving the evenness of the application with the Agras.
  3. Ive been using NIR cameras on drones to generate NDVI imagery for farm management for about 8 years, and have done about 100 000 ha of NDVI mapping. The short answer is that I haven't found a really great platform yet at cost effective price. NDVI is also quite an art in of itself and needs a fairly good eye and understanding of the crop you are looking at. Most of the NDVI work I have done has been with a Sensefly Ebee with Canon S110 modified NIR camera. I don't particularly like the ebee platform and its let me down many times but I still keep just because it the camera that goes with it go
  4. Hi Felix I have some experience with crop spraying by helicopter, and also crop spraying drones, but not one like yours. I found that most of the crop spraying drones do a pretty crappy job with lots of patchiness, and are often more problematic than they are worth. The best crop spraying drone I have worked with is by for the XAG P series, its quite pricey but definitely the only one that truly delivers a uniform spray pattern, and lives up to its efficiency rates. I think the key is that it has RTK GPS, so it is able to keep its line very accurately, and can even do spot spraying