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  1. No I have not. I do not use Global Mapper for point cloud generation, only for the volume calculations using the agisoft data exported in bil or dxf point cloud. I do however measure some points with the GPS on site and then compare the z values with the values on the point cloud to check the accuracy of my data.
  2. I do a lot of volume calculations from Aerial Surveys for mines where they need to calculate material mined as well as material filled. I export the data from Agisoft as a bil file and the use Global Mapper to calculate the volumes. Global Mapper in my opinion is great as you can easily change to different co-ordinate systems and volume calculations are super quick.
  3. Hi I have been reading your posts. I am a surveyor and licensed drone pilot in South Africa and I do a great deal of aerial surveys for various clients, mainly mines. I place Ground Control Points with a RTK GPS before each flight and then processing the data in Agisoft. I get very good results in XY and Z. I have also found tilting in the model, but only if the ground control is not correctly spaced. Long thin areas are prone to this tilting. My work around is to fly at least 4 lines along the line and place the ground control as far as possible on either side with a few in the middle. Then process the data in chunks (with an overlap between the chunks ie, have common ground control points on adjacent chunks) in order to keep reasonably rectangular shape.