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  1. Hi!

    I am brand new to drone flying. I travel a LOT and would like to get recreational shots for my travels. I do international travel mostly in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. 

    I am extremely confused on what app to use in order to view where I can/cannot fly and have a few questions below. I was just in Europe and had Airmaps downloaded, when I checked it I basically could not fly anywhere because it seemed the whole areas of Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic that i was in were almost all restricted. 

    I could be reading the app incorrectly? I have also looked at the DJI Geo Map which shows a lot more availability but I wasn't sure if that really covers everything. For example, it shows that you can fly near brussels airport, which I thought requires a 5 mi radius of no-flying without contacting the airport.

    In short I would like to get your opinion on...

    1. What app do you use to read these restrictions easily? If Airmaps, how do I know which areas are restricted vs suggested to be on alert. 
    2. Are there any other resources I should consider in this that I am not? 
    3. If you are trying to fly in a restricted area, does the activation of your drone somehow alert authorities or is it simply a matter of them seeing it physically with their eye? 
    4. What defines a 'crowd of people'..is it 3 people, 15, 50+? 

    In short I would love to be able to travel and easily see where I am able to fly in a clear simple manner. 

    If you can share any ideas here that would be awesome! 


    - Newbie

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