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  1. It was my worst flight at all times. ))) Flying around and near TV Tower, face the drone with strong signal interference and keep losing signal over and over. When I try to film ascending close to the tower it reminds me Don Quichotte story )))) Anyway I got enough footage to compile a small movie with tallest TV Tower in Europe! Enjoy!
  2. Was so blooody addicted! There're sooooo many planes, and you can visit cockpits of some of them! Alse there's is a huge collection of models! I saw some planes I even didn't knew about!
  3. Thank You very much! Teach me how to do this? :)))) Thanks in advance!
  4. One day trip to a Birzai city. City got an awesome castle with a rich history, a manor on an island and a wooden bridge thru the lake! Also there are two fantastic breweries! %-]
  5. You can get a pilot license from a government. I just finished a flight exam. Waiting for an answer about my license. Then, if for example I decide to fly around some electric stuff like you do I have to send request to local CAA and after that, i'm free to go! Here's some stuff from Latvia - sorry its only in latvian at the moment. I plan my trip to Kaliningrad, is that everything is so bad and better to leave the droney home? PM me on Facebook if you can:
  6. Tower was built near the lake in a national nature park
  7. After few minutes of flight, Mavic Air start to act weird, continue its movement, instead of just hover on a place, tilting when flying, once its landed I found a crack (approx 7mm long) in a prop. After a lot of cropping I still able to compile a short movie about Tartu. Yay!
  8. It was a a USSR Army Base during USSR. Now almost all infrastructure demolished and just an old Watch Tower and some artillery spots remains around