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  1. @Av8Chuck great info and insight. I am new to the whole idea of 3D Mapping/Modeling and since it is strictly for Hobby I am not willing to pay the big bucks for the more reliable commercial products. I have been spending a great deal of time with Meshroom and getting finally to a point where I can create a 3D model of a home or a building. I am not pleased with the quality so far but that has to be the actual pictures I am taking and like you said the angles. the biggest issues seem to be the number of pictures, it seems to be quantity vs quality. Just because I take 1500 pictures and it takes 12 hours to process does not mean I am going to end up with a 10 times better model if I would have only taken 150 pictures. i am currently using the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro. But having no photo experience and I mean none at all, the whole ISO or even FOV stuff has me scratching my head. Things I have learned are -try to keep the sky out of the frame - cloudy days are best - Shinny/gloss things don’t expose well. Like water or black/white cars. White roofs or snow are killers as well bottom line is finding a way for us beginners to set our cameras to the right settings would be very helpful, is there a tool or an article that has good examples to assist?? Also where to share our finished model,every model I have created of a house or a building are over 100 MB, so places like Sketchfab will not work (max 50mb). Like I said it is a hobby and I end up with something I think is pretty cool, but only I am able to see it. ANY IDEAS ON ANY OF THIS??