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  1. How'sa about Autodesk ReCap Photo Pro with their new photogrammetry capabilities http://blogs.autodesk.com/recap/introducing-recap-photo/
  2. Good question and I'm interested to hear if there are different pricing for different areas/regions as there is in most things...
  3. Thanks all for the great comments...I just purchased my 2nd Solo (Dandy2) and don't recall exactly installation...now, wait to see how to get the new Sony UMC-R10C camera onto these solo's...
  4. Thanks Mr. U! That said: Is the FAA or local authorities pursuing UAS pilots operating professionally? Are there any policies, i.e. whether or not to pursue and if so under what circumstances? What are the penalties? Are there criminal/civil penalties for “users” of video/images taken by an un-exempt pilot? For example, can a web designer who buys material from an un-exempted UAS pilot be sued or charged? These would be critical answers for those of us who wish to “push the envelope”. James
  5. OK, the biggest challenge I face is learning the “rash” of technology necessary to pursue the business model. The business model is similar to many, i.e. start with photog/videography and as I gain knowledge and flight time get into mapping, 3D modeling, inspections and then, maybe something with FPV racing. THEN…it’s the rest of the issues as mentioned by others. I am fortunate that my gfriend owns a photography studio vested in Williamsburg VA for 25 years with lots of contacts, email list, and studio back office infrastructure (billing, Photoshop artiste, i.e.) to get me going. I was at my Tidewater Virginia Area UAS UAV Club meeting yesterday and there was much talk on regulations versus recommendations and AMA position. I didn’t have a notebook, but apparently the club has been asked to perform a static and perhaps formation flying of drones. The FAA drone-responsible representative in Richmond wants drones. One of our member’s works at a defense related unmanned vehicle company has direct contact with him for work and says he’s sympathetic to our cause. When I know more I’ll pass on the info. I’ve volunteered to help.
  6. Hi again Lewis...thanks for the answer...another issue...I can't get my GoPro 4 to fire when in the structure scan mode...3DR instructions are to turn "Before takeoff, turn on your camera and set it to take a picture once per second in stop-motion or intervalometer mode." Can you comment please and provide the correct settings? Thanks in advance. James
  7. I did sign up but still confused over the Solo Tower application, which 3DR says they're not supporting anymore. I cannot connect my Solo to Ardupilot Mission Planner...only instructions how to connect to the Pixhawk console...any help...asked Lewis but no answer yet...
  8. I was unable to create a login for Tower and was told 3DR is no longer supporting the s/w. What exactly does this mean? I also was unable to upload to my Solo a flight plan...any info on this and what are the alternatives? MP? James
  9. Any knowledge/preferences/reasoning on mapping software for the SOLO. Any specific webinar's?