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  1. @Lewis@IcarusAerials now I'm disappointed with Yuneec. I was planning to use the "H" for 3D mapping and photogrammetry. The specs seem to only lend this machine uses to that of video. Can you verify that I didn't miss something before I switch to looking for another platform for my business?
  2. @Alan Perlman I put in my pre-order for the Typhoon H w/ Realsense yesterday from Carolina Dronz. I'll let the forum know when I'm due to recieve it. I'm almost finished with the FAA 333 submision and will show the process as soon as is complete. After I get the Typhoon H, If you want to come to west georgia, You're welcome by to take it for a spin.
  3. @Lewis@IcarusAerials, What rendering software would you suggest for the Yuneec platform? Currently I'm planning on doing utility pole mapping for local inspectors to reduce the work load on the technicians who have to fix them.
  4. Sorry about the unscheduled landing. Have you considered doing a video on the reconsruction? It would be a lot of help to the community : both physicily and emotionally.
  5. If I can get the Grant that i'm looking for, I'll let you know. Chuck Snow at Earl Dudley surveying equipment sells the complete system of UAV, telemetry and rendering software for $45k. When I get it I'll do a video series for this channel.
  6. Does anyone have any expierence with the Exom from Parrot/ sensefly?
  7. sunbladerr

    Drone deploy

    Does anyone know how the new typhoon H will work with drone deploy? Lewis, Is it a hard wire cable or blu tooth?
  8. I'm working on the 24th. Can we watch the replay at some other time?
  9. Has anyone found the weight of the Typhoon H with battery? The new FAA regs are talking about not needing a pilots license for sUAS under 2 kilos. Where do we find more info on the Regs?
  10. Greetings to all, As a group the question is what are our services worth? What should an inspector get paid for the photos, 3d map and geotagged information. This is outside of the actual assessment of the object ( bridge, tower, mound of matieral) in question. Per hour? Per object? Per square meter? Tell us your thoughts. Good Journey Richie Rogers
  11. Richard W Rogers, West Georgia USA, Looking to move to Florida following my wife's transfer.
  12. Greetings everyone, I am also a newbie to this industry. I've enjoyed taking the 3-D mapping course and am looking forward to making use of them. I'm currently undecided with the exact sUAS that I'm going to get, so my options are still very open. My intention is to start a business of inspecting hard-to-reach places. Providing structural maps for bridges, cell towers, power cable towers and even telephone poles should be lucrative. Is there any certification needed to provide these services in the US market? Good Journey Richard Rogers
  13. Thank you guys at Icarus Ariels and UVA coach. I enjoyed the course and your presentation. Are you planning on adding more to this course? Have you considered adding an additional course regarding specific sUAS business practices? I would be interested in knowing more about how to choose an appropriate insurance agency for my UAV and accompanying system. It would be valuable knowledge to know what the sUAS system is covered for including personal protection, property protection, system protection as well as protection for deliverables. Other chapters could include issues such as: how to find clients, what contracts should contain, what to collect for payment and how, protecting your deliverable from theft and what kind of lawyers should you have on retainer should you need one.
  14. Hi guys, I just finished the 3D mapping course. Lewis and Trevor did a great job of introducing the mapping world and the accompanying software. I am really interested in an upward looking sUAS that would allow me model bridges. The Exom from Parrot does but is only part of a full system with an attached price tag of over $40k. Is there an affordable option that an aftermarket camera that could capture zenith images complete with geotags? I like the look of the new Typhoon H and with 6 rotors, It has an excellent surface to attach a unit if such a thing exists. Any ideas? Richie