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  1. The Etlas Mobile also employs the open source controller, not sure about the encryption level. It seems they have some confidence on it, and seriously want to push it to the market soon. Saw the article hours ago, https://finance.yahoo.com/news/mmc-launched-etlas-mobile-next-080900159.html Sadly I don't know anything about the encryption method on the flight control, so is the default encryption very vulnerable to breach into? After all for commercial use, the encryption should be a really important factor.
  2. It's Etlas Mobile, it seems they're updating the website, their page found on Google by searching "Etlas Mobile" shows 404 error now. But after going through the page's menu on top, there's still an intro page about it: http://www.mmcuav.com/portfolio-items/eltas-mobile/
  3. This Tuesday we went to do a surveying and mapping mission for a client with our new gadget Etlas Mobile. It’s really portable, just a little bit bigger than my Ipad 3. Though our old station is still in use, We’d like to test this one, and it did amaze us. Easy switch between deploying interface and camera feed by one click on the screen is quite convenient. The steering joysticks felt good, whole system responded fast, connection was all good for the almost 3km distance. The aluminum alloy body looks quite sturdy. As the specs stated that it supports 5km of connection distance, we’ll probably use it for all our future missions which don’t require longer distance connection than 5km. Seriously you guys probably should look into it someday.