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  1. This morning, I saw a news report. In a reservoir in a city in China, law enforcement officers used drones equipped with thermal infrared cameras to detect nighttime illegal acts and take photos for evidence. A water reservoir is undoubtedly a key place for a city and an important source of water for urban drinking. Therefore, how to effectively protect the water source, for law enforcement agencies, often need to face the challenges of various illegal activities. How to protect water sources, traditional methods generally rely on manual inspections, can only be opened along the shore, with the naked eye. However, with the development of drone technology, the application of thermal infrared equipment in the inspection of drones has improved the efficiency of inspection and expanded inspection scope. Not only that, but the drone thermal imaging equipment can also judge whether there is sewage discharge according to the difference in sleep temperature, and combat the illegal discharge of sewage. For the application of drones, not only in the field of inspection, but also in the field of drones, the drones have been developed in many fields such as surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, urban management, and sport management. In the various application fields of the drone, the drone is used as a working platform to carry out different tasks by carrying different tasks, so a good task load night vision is very important. As a leading manufacturer of industrial drones, MMCUAV has released mission loads for a variety of scenarios since last year. The Thyea T2 is a thermal infrared pan-tilt camera for fire rescue, inspection, and other fields. The characteristics of Thyea T2 are: with 50Hz refresh rate, resolution up to 640*512, reaching the advanced level in the industry, and also supporting 4x digital zoom, which not only meets the requirements of fine analysis but also has a long imaging distance and can maintain large security. Distance, increase; temperature measurement accuracy up to 0.06 ° C, temperature range -20 ° C -150 ° C, for most of the inspection, detection, search tasks can be satisfied; at the same time can also carry out regional temperature measurement, pointing temperature measurement, Pointing movement, high temperature alarm, automatic inspection and many other functions.
  2. That's no problem. The cam's working tempeerature is -20℃~60℃. So in general, as long as it's not too cold, it works.However, if the temperature is too low, I believe very few people will go out to work.
  3. This camera has a 500 meter laser fill in in the dark, so it's best to stay within 500 meters.There is no problem in light rain weather, and in dusty places, it does not affect the use, but we recommend the use of another hot infrared zoom zoom dual-light camera.
  4. Recently, the eastern part of China has been affected by the super typhoon. At present, dozens of people have died and disappeared. Therefore, after the typhoon, the search and rescue work needs to be started immediately. The traditional search and rescue method is inefficient, but the drone is equipped with relevant search and rescue equipment. Rescuers gather information in inaccessible places, such as collapsed buildings and nearby dangerous areas, to flexibly detect disasters. At the same time, the drone can also be equipped with infrared detection equipment and thermal sensing equipment to quickly scan and locate the location and information of missing persons. MMCUAV's Thyea T2 is a high-precision three-axis gyro-stabilized universal joint with a UAV payload standard connector and an intelligent high-precision thermal imaging camera. Breaking through the limitations of light and space, capturing clear and accurate thermal images anytime, anywhere. The Thyea T2 thermal imaging camera offers new dimensions for your vision, enabling you to quickly search large areas or close up to detect hard to climb device. Work becomes more efficient, simple and secure. At the same time, the drone can also carry out remote sensing mapping, power repair, signal relay, throwing rescue and other aspects of work, to help rescue, post-disaster reconstruction.
  5. It is true that there are two cameras, but this is not a simple combination. Although there are products of the same type in the market, believe me, our cost performance is very high, and we think it is worth your having.If you want to know the price or more information, you can email(bistoury1989@gmail.com) me.
  6. Thyea N30L adopts professional three-axis stabilized zoom holder, adopts high precision encoder FOC control scheme, and is equipped with a 30x starlight hd zoom camera 1080P full hd starlight night vision network camera, to achieve aerial aerial shooting of aerial long distance zoom, especially for the public security, fire protection, power and other industries. Specifications Size: 163*164*158mm Weight: 1265g Assemble:Detachable Zoomable:Yes Zoom times of visible light:30 times Optical Video resolution:1080P Temperature measurement range: -30°C~70°C Sensor:1/2.8-typeExmor R CMOS Pixel/resolution :2 million pixels ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 1. Standard Connector for High Compatibility Thyea N30L is installed with UAV payload standard connector, UAV equivalent to USB, that allows for quick installation and release with extreme convenience. 2. High-precision 3-axial Gyro-stabilized Gimbal Thyea N30L is equipped with a high-precision 3-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal system that is able to protect itself from high-frequency vibration. The gimbal uses the latest FOC brushless motor featuring precise and high-frequency response, avoiding shake to any degree during the flight. In the meantime, high processor can precisely control the operation of motor, adjust shooting angle and stabilize images even when the lens zoom up for 30 times. 3. Switch Between Color Mode and Night Vision Mode With Thyea N30L, users can switch between color mode and night vision mode according to their needs. 4. High Definition 30X Optical Zoom lens Both in color and night vision mode, Thyea N30L uses 30X optical zoom lens so users can conduct remote surveillance and inspection day or night. 5. Two Megapixel High Definition Color Camera In color mode, the camera could identify human face from 1km away with its large 2-megapixel sensor and 30X optical zoom lens. 6.Night Vision Sensor and Intelligent Laser Light Compensation In color mode, Thyea N30L automatically senses light changes and initiates 500m-range laser light filler which compensates light according to camera zooming for capturing a clear image. 7.Target Point Tracking When in tracking mode, users can click a target point in the screen and then it is moved to the center. The target point will then be locked down and tracked by gimbal. 8. Compact Size and Light Weight With a lightweight design, Thyea N30L weighs only 1265g, the lightest amongst its counterparts and compatible with various UAV systems. Due to the inability to upload GIF images, many of the test results cannot be shown, the following two are night vision mode, laser fill light and pointing tracking function of video video, here is the website: MMCuav Thyea N30L 30X Optical Zoom、Night Vision、 Laser Light Compensation MMCUAV Thyea N30L 3-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal Target Point Tracking
  7. In August last year, we took a cruise to Okinawa. When a friend mentioned the mission, he repeatedly stressed that he should not fly on the cruise. I was prepared to fly. I asked him why he happened to have a friend on a cruise. Playing, the two planes flying all went out of the sea. Later, I tried it on the ship. The elf just fell off the ground because of GPS interference. I tried it several times, because the TV, telephone, Internet, etc. on the cruise ship all use satellite signals, which is particularly strong against the aircraft.
  8. Is there any specific parameters intoduction, then we can intuitively know what your product is.