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  1. According to the Science and Technology Daily, "Agriculture will definitely become the dominant market for the UAV industry. More than 80% of precision agriculture depends on drones." At the 7th China Forestry Academic Conference, which ended on the 10th, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Professor Cao Fuliang from Nanjing Forestry University pointed out that the application of drones will solve the three major pain problems of China's “three rural issues”: precision agriculture, labor shortage and intensive operations. The agricultural development of mankind has experienced the first revolution represented by plant breeding, and the second revolution represented by animal and plant genetic modification. At present, agriculture is entering the digital age, which is the third green revolution represented by the widespread application of agricultural digital technology. The characteristic of smart agriculture is “information knowledge + intelligent equipment”, and the traditional agriculture corresponding to it is “land + machinery”. Drones are the typical representatives of intelligent equipment that has emerged in recent years. Academician Cao Fuliang believes that the essence of UAV development in the future is the airborne mobile agent driven by the network environment, which integrates intelligent perception, intelligent cognition and intelligent action, towards measurement and control network, flight digitization, and intelligent tasks. The direction of development will definitely have an important impact on military and economic and social development. At present, drones have begun operations in plant protection, planting, pollination, production estimation, farmland protection (soil quality), and river pollution monitoring.
  2. Nowadays, with the rapid development of China's social economy, the stability and safety requirements for the operation of power systems have been greatly improved, and various types of surveying and mapping drones have been applied to China's power systems, such as vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones, multi-rotors UAVs, fixed-wing UAVs, etc., such mapping UAV products can effectively improve the quality of line inspection work and improve the efficiency of line inspection work. Due to China's vast territory, complex terrain, hilly and mountainous areas, and relatively meteorological conditions, the conventional means can not meet the requirements of fast and efficient from the initial planning and construction of power grid construction to the daily inspection and maintenance after completion. . The surveying and mapping drone has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, rapid response, low cost, etc. It has wide applications in the early stage of power survey, transmission line planning and design, construction and construction, and post-operation and maintenance, inspection and other aspects. 1. Grid engineering topographic map mapping The fixed-wing UAV can be used to measure the topography of the power grid project. It can provide detailed data such as images and elevations for the power grid topographic map design as a guarantee to minimize the possibility of errors in the topographic map drawing process and improve the topographic map. The quality and efficiency of planning and design provide a scientific basis for the construction of power grid projects, and thus lay a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of power systems. In the early stage of surveying and mapping of a wind farm, the UAV was equipped with a Sony A7R camera, 35mm focal length, ground resolution of 8cm, 1:2000 accuracy requirements, and the results were DOM, DSM, and DLG. 1.1 Transmission line optimization design The transmission line design has a large field workload, high labor cost, low work efficiency, less information, limited by terrain, difficult to reach in some areas, long time for drawing in flat section and tower base section, amount of corner tower, house demolition The amount of vegetation and vegetation felled a lot; The vertical take-off and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle technology can greatly reduce the workload in the field, the labor cost is small, the work efficiency can be effectively improved, the area that is difficult for people to reach can be measured, and the optimal transmission line design scheme can be provided. And can provide a variety of data results including DOM, DSM, DEM, DLG and true 3D models. Mountainous strip terrain survey, 9km long, 500m wide, results include DOM (0.1m resolution) and DSM (2m grid). 2. UAV power inspection (thermal infrared, high-definition camera, LiDAR) (1) Substation thermal infrared monitoring: Most electrical equipment will exhibit abnormal temperature rise before failure. The infrared thermal imager can detect the abnormal temperature rise of electrical equipment. It is the best fault detection method recognized in the power field, and it is listed as the state maintenance work. An important part of. Whether day or night, FLIR thermal imaging cameras and automation software can detect potential equipment failures and safety hazards in remote monitoring stations at any time. The net effect is that reliability is improved and costs are reduced. High voltage electrical equipment typically heats up before it fails. The use of a multi-rotor drone equipped with an infrared camera continuously monitors high-voltage equipment, avoiding costly failures. (2) Drone equipped with HD camera (3) UAV equipped with LiDAR 3. Construction services In order to ensure the control of investment objectives, quality objectives and progress targets throughout the life cycle of project management, the multi-rotor UAV tilt photogrammetry technology is used to regularly fly the project site, and the construction conditions of the project sites at different construction phases can be obtained. High-precision visualization of 3D models or 360 panoramas provides a basis for construction management. 4. Grid operation and maintenance services The meticulous inspection of transmission line equipment is time consuming, laborious and dangerous. The use of drone equipment instead of artificial climbing towers can achieve refined, fast, safe and efficient inspections and high quality. MMC UAV is committed to boosting automation with high-performance UAV products so people can work in greater safety, by higher efficiency and with lower cost. It is our never-ending quest to conquer the sky for human’s good.
  3. In recent years, the use of drones for terminal distribution has always been a major trend in the development of the industry. Many countries and enterprises are focusing on the development and application of drones in this field. Just last month, Google Brothers Wing announced that its drone delivery business was officially launched in the United States, which not only marked the opening of the U.S. drone transport commercialization era but also meant that after that, the US part Some residents of the area will enjoy the trendy service of drones for takeaway. According to news released by Wing, it will mainly open drone distribution services for non-prescription drugs, snacks and health products to residents living in Fort Cristian, Virginia. At that time, the user only needs to use the mobile phone to place an order, and the delivery staff will wrap the goods and hang them on the hooks released by the drone. After the fixing is completed, no one will automatically fly to the destination and hover at the end. The order is completed in the form of airborne cargo. The whole process can be said in one go, very convenient. This can't help but make us feel envious, but when we come back to God, we also have doubts: When using drones to take delivery, can we come true in our country? Before answering these questions, we first come to understand the development process of the UAV distribution service in the United States. In the United States, there are many companies that explore and try UAV distribution services. In addition to Google's Wing, Amazon, Uber, and so on. It is reported that Amazon and Uber have already planned to launch U.S. domestic drone distribution commercial services by the end of this year, but it is still a step slower than Google Wing. As early as a few years ago, Google Wing actually opened the test of drone delivery in Australia, Finland, and other countries. In the Australian business, Wing delivers items such as food and cold medicine, as well as popular drinks such as coffee. According to statistics, the time for delivering coffee is usually no more than four minutes. A cup of coffee is always hot from the time of release to the customer, and the delivery test is very effective. So in April of this year, Wing was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct commercial cargo transportation operations in the United States. That is to say, before the opening of the U.S. drone distribution business era, its domestic enterprises have already carried out numerous tests and applications in many countries such as Australia. Because of the good results and achievements, the business has finally been promoted. Successful landing in the United States. The reason why the whole process can be so smooth is inseparable from the reality of the United States itself. After all, whether it is for the United States or Australia, they are all sparsely populated countries. The impact of transportation distance, cost, labor, and other factors has led to a great demand for drone distribution. At the same time, the suburban environment of the Hirose drone also gave the drones more test space, making landing development and technology upgrades more convenient. In contrast, China's demand for drone distribution is exactly the opposite of that of the United States, not from rural suburbs but mainly from cities. The large population and dense high-rise buildings in the city determine the difficulty of drone distribution. In the case that the technology of drone noise and the battery is not completely overcome, the distribution of drones into the city will bring convenience, as well as It will have a bad influence on residents' lives. Therefore, this determines that China's drone distribution service will not be able to land in the short term. In addition, because China can only carry out drone distribution testing in the sea and other environments, the effects it exhibits are also biased in urban applications, and it is not as close to the test environment as Australia and the United States. It has also caused difficulties in the distribution of commercial drones in China. That is to say, the reason why China's UAV distribution cannot be quickly commercialized is related to the backwardness of technology; on the one hand, it is not related to the test environment; on the other hand, it is backward with infrastructure, insufficient user demand, and insufficient industry legal norms. Perfect related. Any lack of points may cause difficulties in the delivery of drones in China. In view of this, we want to open the commercial era of drone transportation like the United States. It is still unrealistic in the short term. We can only wait patiently until the above various problems have not been solved.
  4. UAV powerline inspection can observe the high-voltage transmission line in the air at different angles, hovering and shooting multi-angle image and video data, which can detect the defect of the transmission line and the hidden danger of the channel quickly, intuitively, comprehensively and accurately. The investigation can obtain the best on-site information under complicated terrain and bad weather conditions, effectively compensate for the shortcomings of the traditional way of patrolling blind spots, thereby improving the working efficiency of the first-line inspection personnel. In actual work, when using a drone to patrol a transmission line, the patrol efficiency is closely related to the operator's familiarity with the operation of the aircraft and the complexity of the environment. For example, some skilled grid employees can use their aircraft to patrol dozens of towers a day. Some employees can also use the environment to bring them the advantage of operating the aircraft to the tower on the island a few kilometers away. In contrast, some "new drivers" who have just learned to fly may need several times to complete some veteran inspection targets. This article will take the daily transmission line inspection operation as an example to analyze how to efficiently carry out the daily patrol operation of a transmission line on a section of the line. Work machine type selection According to different tasks and line environment, different models can be used to perform inspection tasks in different environments. For example, when using visible light patrol work in mountainous areas or coastal areas with more gusts, use the SKYLLE 1550 series such as MMC to operate the drone with high power redundancy, which can effectively reduce the flight instability of the drone due to wind resistance reduction. Status; when you need to perform infrared or nighttime special patrol work, use a dual-light infrared camera such as Thyea ZT40 or a visible light device with a fill light function such as Thyea N30L to better perform its work, and achieve good steel for the blade. Precise work results. At the same time, early equipment inspection and preparation work is also very important. First of all, we must fully understand and understand whether the equipment we carry meets the inspection requirements, such as the matching of the number of batteries and the workload, the inspection of the battery status, etc. The flight is well prepared. Selection of the on-site environment of the inspection line The condition of the terrain conditions, the presence or absence of a site that allows for take-off and landing, whether the flight space has a wide field of view, and no obstruction. The route to be patrolled should be surveyed in advance (satellite map, line construction design plan, topographic map, etc.) to segment the line. Avoid the risk of losing contact and crashing when you are on a formal patrol and flying out of the remote control range. Selection of inspection flight plan Route planning, sequence arrangement, selection of key parts (insulators, pins or nuts, etc.) on the line tower, control of exposure compensation, control of exposure compensation, etc., and design efficient route schemes as much as possible under limited conditions. Wire inspection height selection Due to its gravity, the transmission line generally hangs down and is lower than the height of the tower itself. At this time, if there is a need for a flight inspection of the line, a constant follow-up recording of the required patrol line is required. At this time, the flying height of the aircraft is not at the same height as the wire, and the distance difference and 1-2 meters are superior to prevent the collision line and crash due to operational errors. Channel inspection height selection In the daily inspection operation, in the process of starting the operation, the working height needs to be selected above the ground line, and the aircraft can start the operation after the aircraft reaches the specified flying height to prevent the aircraft from colliding. Selection of inspection operation radius Affected by the characteristics of endurance and short-wave RF signals, the operating radius should not exceed 2.5km, and the battery power should be reduced to 35%-40%. It should be considered to return immediately at full speed to avoid triggering low-power forced landing, resulting in the loss of the drone. The inspection of drones should have four principles: safety, efficiency, comprehensiveness and speed. During the inspection, it was found that the inspection of drones was often unable to reach the ground and inspect the tower bases due to the terrain of the forest. Too low flying height will also have a significant impact on work efficiency due to the increased difficulty of flight.
  5. The 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo (CPSE) held from October 28th-31 th,2019 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The security expo shows the advanced technology in artificial intelligence, driverless, big data, and smart city, attracting more than 1,500 exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions around the world. MMC Uav security attracts attention As leading industrial UAV manufacturer, MMC has made a new breakthrough in the field of UAV intelligent security. This expo, MMC with the theme of "SCI-TECH AERIAL SECURITY SOLUTION". The latest automatic UAV security system, diversified flight platform and the first comprehensive supply chain of industrial UAV, fully demonstrated the strength of MMC, for the audience brought a truly rich and intelligent experience, which attracted many exhibitors and visitors from the exhibition. THE new drone management system for automatic intelligent security In recent years, industrial light-small drones have gradually been applied to the security field, becoming a flexible and "air security weapon." In this expo, MMC's latest automatic drone inspection system security solution based on reliable communication, AI big data and high-precision situational awareness technology, using Mspace system for 3D real-world modeling and UAV autonomous routes Planning, able to provide the management department with accurate information such as drone data and flight trajectory in a remote and real-time manner. The MPlan system supports a large number of tasks management and big data aggregation services, and automatically delivers drone missions. After the MTower receives the task, it cooperates with the MSpace system and the MPlan system to automatically dispatch the security drone to perform the timing and emergency patrol tasks. The acquired data is automatically imported into the real-time 3D platform of the MSpace system. The security department can return the data in the command center according to the real-time. Screen, remote one-button control, rapid face/vehicle identification, warning, locking, tracking of suspicious targets, comprehensive monitoring, and management of security areas, providing safe and reliable space and ground for security departments Support. Diversified flight platforms to improve security efficiency At the booth of MMC, a number of self-developed drones have been appreciated by many visitors. The Skylle drone uses full carbon fiber technology with industrial-grade precision positioning sensor modules and UAV attitude sensing modules. With the MSpace system, it can realize route planning and autonomous hovering. At the same time, it can be compatible with or expand various types of equipment belonging to the police. It has high requirements in various performance parameters and can be applied to site survey, fire rescue, traffic management, Activity security, and other security areas. In addition, the Notuzi drone is a flexible and efficient endurance drone. The arm is foldable for easy carrying when the security is dispatched. It has the advantages of fast maneuvering and convenient operation. In practical applications, the operator can quickly complete the installation and flight of the drone according to actual needs, greatly improving the efficiency of police execution. Provides multi-functional equipment to cooperate with security As the first comprehensive supply chain of industrial UAV, MMC show a variety of advanced gimbals at this exhibition, which can meet different scenarios. All gimbal adopt standardized fast-release interfaces, which have the characteristics of strong compatibility and realize fast plug-and-play. The MMC drone supports equipment equipped with a 40x zoom HD camera, infrared thermal imaging camera, laser range finder, etc, collects field data and quickly transmits it to the command center to track and predict the event development situation for the judge to make judgments and decisions. This kind of aerial multi-angle and wide-range on-site observation capability is unmatched by general fixed monitoring equipment and has an irreplaceable role. In addition, the use of drones equipped with megaphones, searchlights, throwing rescue, net guns and other devices, breaking through the light and environmental constraints, even in the dark environment can perform security tasks, can assist police officers to accurately deploy and enhance Security efficiency and security of the city. Open and integrate to create a new era of industrial intelligence MMC UAV is a leading industrial UAV manufacturer that is devoted to producing high-performance UAV products. With its unique industrial chain integration advantage, it has established industrial chain product portfolio including drone, airframe, power system, flight control, image transmission, ground control station and it tailors best UAV solutions as well as OEM and ODM services for global customers in areas like inspection, public safety, search & rescue, surveying & mapping, environmental protection and many more so they can work in greater safety, with higher efficiency, and by lower cost. MMC continues to deepen technological innovation and develop with more partners to provide more valuable services to the entire industry and create more social value.
  6. The 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo (CPSE)will be held from October 28th-31 th,2019 in ShenZhen Convention & Exhibition Center, ShenZhen,China. At that time, it will present the most advanced artificial intelligence, big data and intelligent security products to the world. The largest scale in the exhibition This CPSE will be held at all exhibition halls of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, The scale of this exhibition is the largest in history, with an exhibition covers an area of 30,000㎡, and hundreds of industry brand companies and more than 2,000 exhibitors participated in the exhibition. As a high-end brand event in China's security industry and one of the important international security expo with global influence, the ShenZhen security expo will focus on showing smart city solutions, security prevention solutions, police equipment, emergency rescue, Bio-recognition, artificial intelligence machines and other industries. This exhibition has attracted great attention among manufacturers, engineers and distributors in many industries across the country. UAVs play an important role in security In the construction of smart security, UAVs play an important role. In the security scenes of military reconnaissance, emergency flood control, drought prevention, border surveillance, police monitoring, forest fire monitoring and environmental monitoring, the drone acts as a "security weapon" for the reconnaissance unit. It can perform various tasks such as air surveillance, daily patrol, and rapid air attack. It can cooperate with the background command and control system, with the ability of situation sharing integration, collaborative planning and scheduling, remote command, and diversified intelligence processing. As one of the exhibitors of this Shenzhen security expo, MMC has established a ground-to-air integrated security system with its intelligent and advanced complete set of UAV products and big data dispatching backstage , which has played a huge advantage in the security field. MMC will exhibit the latest automatic drone inspection system security solution at this expo, including the full range of core intelligent application products such as “Sky eye” dispatching platform, high-performance drones, high-definition zoom tracking gimbal, and automatic police equipment. Today, MMC drones have evolved from a single “moving eye” to a versatile “smart cloud brain”. The world's first industrial UAV industry chain As the leading industrial UAS manufacturer, MMC is the first UAV company in the world to get through the whole industrial UAV industry chain, and achieves win-win cooperation with upstream and downstream industries with a positive and open mind. MMC has achieved independent research and development, design and production of core components including full carbon fiber integrated molding case, power system, flight control, image transmission, ground station, etc. All of the gimbal adopt standardized fast-release interface, which has strong compatibility. In addition to opening up the industrial drone industrial chain, MMC has strong product customization capabilities in the UAV industry's application solutions. It not only mastering the systematic management of cost and quality, but also continuously develops towards the direction of intelligent solutions. In the global drone industry chain, MMC has been at the forefront. "Technology security in the Sky". At this security expo, MMC will build a technology security and smart city through the big data integrated management platform based on the automated inspection system and diverse equipment. Shenzhen CPSE 2019 is about to begin, MMC sincerely invites you to visit. We are here waiting for you. Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China Booth number: Hall 8-845.
  7. At 9:15 on October 15th, in the Haicheng Park of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, a drone quickly took off and then flew away. It has 4 cups of freshly brewed coffee in the "belly" and flies to the future research and development park 3 kilometers away to send "Express". Next, the drone distribution area will gradually expand from the test scene of Hangzhou Future Science City to the whole city of Hangzhou. On the same day, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the "Special Class of UAV Test Operation Approval Letter" and the "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Logistics Distribution Operation Permit" to Hangzhou Send Bar Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first “license” for the pilot operation of a certain type of urban scene for UAVs issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Yin Shijun, chief engineer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that the issuance of this license is a milestone in the field of unmanned aviation in China. Send Bar Logistics is a subsidiary of Hangzhou Xun Ant Network Technology Co., Ltd. The ant ant established in 2015 has grown into a key enterprise in the domestic commercial drone field. Before being granted the operation permit, “Xun Ant” has completed more than 20,000 logistics operation scenario test flights in the test area of Hangzhou City and Huzhou Anji and other mountainous areas, and passed the specific operational risk assessment organized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. And flight verification. At present, in the test site, there are 10 drones delivering nearly 100 dispatches per day. Zhao Liang, chief operating officer of "Xing ant", said that in order to ensure the safety of drone flight, more than 90% of the company's routes are planned to be over the rivers of the city; for various complex weather conditions, there are different plans, "if suddenly In extreme weather conditions such as winds above 5, the drone will not take off; if it has taken off, no one will slow down and fly to the nearest safe standby point." As a leader in China's industrial drones, MMC has made in-depth research and development in industrial drones, and has made great progress in wind resistance, waterproof and dustproof, and can continue to use in complex climates. During the trial operation, the company will use the air distribution network in Hangzhou to provide safe and efficient medical first-aid supplies transportation and instant delivery services in the same city. The far-reaching service distance of the point-to-point is currently 20 kilometers. It is estimated that by 2020, the company will initially build an air distribution network throughout Hangzhou, providing 1,000 operating capacity per day.
  8. Aerial photography, inspection, logistics, plant protection, surveying, security and other applications in the field of UAV industry, the line of sight remote control, image real-time cloud processing, high-definition video stream back to the ability to put forward higher requirements. As the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology, 5G is also the best communication technology for building digital sky. What changes will it bring to the drone industry? Compared with 4G, 5G has obvious advantages in the communication coverage of networked UAVs. The new large-scale antenna array adopted by 5G can flexibly and automatically adjust the phase of the transmitted signals of each antenna to meet the regulatory requirements for low-altitude airspace within 500 meters. And the future flight demand of more than 120 meters of drones in the city's high-rise environment. In addition, 5G also has more advantages in remote fine control of drones, flight data security, and industry empowerment. Networked drones to promote efficient low-altitude economy Recently, the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau's substation operation professionally applied the “5G UAV+Programming Operation” pilot in China for the first time. It also marks that the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau's substation operation professional is the first in China to realize “5G UAV+Programming Operation”. ". Compared with the traditional air duty mode, the 110 kV line operation requires two on-duty personnel to operate together and takes an average of 30 minutes, while the 5G drone based on China Unicom's 5G communication channel is in its "high bandwidth, low latency". With the help of the advantages, the real-time HD video is transmitted back to the main control room, and with the program operation mode, it takes only 3 minutes, and no human intervention is required in the whole process. As the application of drone technology in various fields becomes more and more sophisticated, 5G is a new generation mobile communication technology with a peak rate of 20Gbps and a delay of 1 millisecond. These features are well suited to the needs of drone application scenarios. The construction of the Dongguan Unicom 5G Power Supply Bureau's patrol center has also explored a new path for the 5G integration into the power industry. It is understood that the drones used in the 5G UAV program operation power inspection of Dongguan Substation came from MMC's Notuzi X85 collapsible drone, combined with MMC's self-developed ground station control system. Go to the station and station LAN wired remote control and view images. At the same time, at the Beijing World Expo in 2019, which opened at the end of April, 8K HD video transmitted from 5G, 5G mobile communication and game experience, 5G light show, and 5G telemedicine, etc. The "nerve center" of the conference, 5G will form a "brain" with big data and artificial intelligence, and transform the world garden from the traditional garden art display stage into an organic combination of people, technology, nature and culture. According to Guo Ziliang, deputy director of the Information Department of Beijing Shiyuan Bureau, drones, driverless, 8K HD video... In the 5G exhibition hall in the park, the audience will personally experience these most advanced application scenarios. "Technology changes the future", from smart phones, Internet +, to big data, cloud computing, 5G communication... We always feel that technological innovation provides convenience and fun for our lives and work. According to China Industrial Information Network, the number of consumer-class UAVs will reach 16 million in 2020. Under the 5G network, a network of tens of millions of UAVs will be formed globally, providing aerial photography and delivery 24 hours a day, 7 hours a day. A variety of personal and industry services, such as exploration, constitute a new and colorful "network of the sky."
  9. West Power East is one of the landmark projects in the development of the western region. Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission project, as one of the landmark projects of West-East Power Transmission, is also the world's largest design and construction of the world's highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance, the most advanced technology level. UHV transmission project. This project has set a new height in the world's power grid technology and opened a new era in the development of UHV DC transmission technology. According to reports, Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission project is the "Power Silk Road" connecting Xinjiang and East China. It can send 66 billion kWh of electricity to East China every year, and can light up 400 million kW of electric lights at the same time. Meet the electricity demand of 50 million households in East China. At the same time, it can reduce coal transportation by 30.24 million tons. If it is calculated by train capacity, it needs 25,000 thousand 20-car trains. It is of great significance for winning the blue sky defense war, promoting Xinjiang's economic development, and implementing the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative. How to ensure the continuous power supply security of the "Power Silk Road"? On September 1st, the reporter took this question into the hinterland of the Gurbantunggut Desert in Jimsar County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and visited the circuit inspection of the Xinjiang Power Grid. From afar, the ±1100 kV high-voltage direct current transmission is much larger than the ±750 kV high-voltage line insulator. The tower is directly inserted into the sky, which is very spectacular. Under the tower, the sound of the current can be clearly heard. Going deep into the desert hinterland, the sand and gravel are soft, plus the high temperature of 37 degrees. The reporters who walked lightly and loaded are very difficult to walk. I can imagine the hard work of the power inspectors. UAV patrol ±1100 kV Changji-Guquan UHV DC transmission line “In the past, in order to protect the power security of the main grid, we mainly used manual inspection methods. Now we use drones to conduct inspections to ensure personnel safety and improve work efficiency.” Chen Hui, head of the State Grid Xinjiang Power Grid Navigation Center Tell the reporter that the line spans the Tianshan Mountains. Nearly 80% of the towers are located in the mountainous areas. Due to the steep mountain and cliffs and other factors, some tower personnel cannot reach the line. The daily inspection work of the line cannot be carried out, so the drone inspection is required. "In the past, a base tower needs 2-3 people to check the tower for about one and a half hours to complete. Now it is used for drone inspection. The two people only need about 15 minutes." State Grid Xinjiang Power Grid Navigation Center Kay. This has greatly improved the efficiency of work and made our "air dancers" more secure. The most important drones provide clear and effective specimen data for drone inspection systems through acquisition modules with various functions (such as high-definition cameras, thermal imaging cameras, etc.). For the harsh environment such as Snow Mountain and Gobi, the high mobility of the drone has its unparalleled advantages. Increasing the participation of drones can effectively supplement the problem of insufficient coverage and monitoring of terminals, and improve the utilization of resources of hardware and software. UAV application power inspection site Chen Hui told reporters that the participation of drones in power inspection has the advantages of saving labor costs, improving safety factor and efficiency, and bringing about changes in the working mode of power inspection and maintenance. The traditional electric power inspection requires the inspectors to arrive at the scene in the mountains and waters, which is not only inefficient, but also has the risk of working at height. The efficiency and safety of drone inspection are higher, and large-scale and intelligent operation can be realized, which greatly improves the reliability of power grid operation and ensures the safe operation of the power grid. According to reports, the current state network Xinjiang company has successively put a variety of different models of MMC drones into the circuit inspection. However, in the routine inspection of ordinary high-voltage circuits, they mostly use the Notuzi X85 model, and the MMC Skylle 1550 model was used in the inspection of the Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV high-voltage DC transmission project. The MMC Skylle 1550 has an intelligent control system and excellent flight performance. The fuselage is reliable and durable, and can adapt to harsh environments such as high altitude and small micro-meteorological changes in high altitude areas. Equipped with self-heating dual battery system, it can automatically heat up in low temperature environment, it can work normally in cold weather as low as -20 °C up to 50 °C, and its life time is up to 38 minutes. The system Photon A10 can realize the transmission distance of 10 km, and can automatically select and switch between the two communication bands of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz according to the environment, and the anti-interference ability is enhanced. It can work stably in wind and rain, dust or high temperature and cold, providing high reliability control. In addition, the Skylle 1550 can quickly locate the damaged part by using the Thyea Z40 zoom camera or the ZT40 thermal imaging camera, and support the manual re-inspection in the background, so that the line inspection of the UHV line no man's land can be carried out smoothly, compared to the tower. The telescope is more reliable. Thyea ZT40 infrared temperature measurement function can find potential hidden troubles in the wire. Thyea Z40 40x zoom can help them break the insulation, loose screws, metal skew and other details, thus shortening the fault judgment time. As the world's leading manufacturer of industrial drones, MMC has been committed to driving technological innovation and striving to expand the social value of technology applications. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the application of drones in various industries. MMC has devoted itself to hard work, and has won numerous achievements in the power inspection market with its solid industry experience and technical strength. It is the largest supplier of China National Grid. The only supplier of China Guodian Wind Energy Inspection, the largest supplier in the public security fire field, the largest supplier of Sinopec and the second largest supplier of China Southern Power Grid. At present, the MMC drone has covered the first-line team of 27 network units of the State Grid and the five provincial companies of China Southern Power Grid. More about MMC:https://www.mmcuav.com/
  10. Recently, the People’s Daily published a video of a fire-fighting drone fire extinguishing on the overseas social platform. It can be seen that the drone quickly extinguished the fire with efficient fire-fighting equipment. This video has been praised by thousands of people, because China is the first country in the world to solve the problem of high-level fire fighting, and has a positive role in promoting high-level fire fighting. As we all know, with the development of society, there are more and more high-rise buildings, and even more than 30 floors of residential houses are common phenomena. Once a fire broke out at a high level, the existing fire-fighting equipment could not carry out effective rescue. The most important reason was that the existing equipment could not deliver the fire-fighting equipment to such a high height. When the firefighters rushed from the inside to the fire site, it basically caused the fire. Serious property damage may even cause certain casualties. The fire drone effectively solves this problem. First of all, the fire drone can directly reach the fire floor without ignoring the height, and the shortcoming of the load can be solved by carrying a high-efficiency fire extinguishing agent. For urban fire protection, MMC recently developed the APOLLO FB1 airborne broken window fire extinguisher, which was specially developed to extinguish fires in high-rise buildings or specific areas of the city. It uses an electronic quick-start trigger method to quickly break the window and enter the room after the fire-fighting projectile is fired. The back side is sprayed with dry powder to achieve full flooding and impact coverage. In addition to horizontal fire extinguishing, Corbet also has APOLLO FE3 fire extinguisher products, carrying a dry powder with a net content of 3kg, using electronic quick-start triggering method, vertical rapid spraying of fire-extinguishing dry powder, effective fire extinguishing range can reach 7m3, and can effectively protect people's lives and property in a timely and effective manner. . In addition, the drone has a huge advantage, can ignore the terrain factors, reach the location where the fire truck is difficult to reach, not only makes the fire fighting work faster, but also the point-to-point fire extinguishing greatly improves the fire extinguishing efficiency.
  11. It is understood that many countries including China and Canada have already launched drone air patrols and participated in highway traffic management. The drones focus on traffic violations such as emergency lane parking and big car occupation. UAV patrol duty is mainly used for aerial photography to observe road traffic congestion and capture traffic violations. According to the traffic police who used the professional training of the UAV in the early stage, within the scope of the radiation coverage of the drone, it can be said where to shoot, and all kinds of violations of traffic rules and road safety can not escape its law. The trajectory of all vehicles and the number plate of the vehicle can be taken very clearly. For some motor vehicles that do not follow the prescribed lanes, illegal lanes for illegal lanes, and emergency lanes, they can be captured, providing strong evidence for the traffic police department to be punished according to law; and capturing and exposing some illegal activities such as retrograde vehicles. Elimination of blind spots in road enforcement. It is reported that most of the traffic police departments in China currently use the most advanced UAV monitoring equipment, including the Thyea Z40 HD zoom head and the Cirrutitan detachable tether system independently developed by MMC UAV. The Z40 camera pan/tilt is custom-made with a 40x optical zoom lens with a pixel count of 25 million. Even in the air, the inside of the car and the cab can be clearly seen. The Cirrutitan detachable tether system is designed to deliver power to the drone for long periods of time in the air, enabling the drone to perform 24-hour flight monitoring in the air.
  12. The Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping plans to use 300 drones to help map the map so that the country has a more accurate map in the future. For a long time, India maps lacked higher precision and electronics. According to the "India Times" reported on the 16th, the Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping for the first time plans to use 300 drones to map. A national map policy previously adopted by India clearly stated that all socio-economic development activities, natural resource conservation, disaster mitigation planning and infrastructure development require high-quality stereo data. Officials involved in the project said that the use of drones would enable them to produce high-resolution images of rural areas, which would facilitate the digitization of maps. Gilish Kumar, Director of the Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, said: "Our goal is to provide high-resolution maps." He went on to say that aerial photography was used to map earlier, but this method is very expensive and has limitations. The drone can fly freely over a wider area, helping to capture sharper and higher resolution images. In fact, with the development of drones and 3D point cloud model technology in recent years, not only India, but also many countries have begun to explore the application value of drones. The impact of drones is clearly deepening and sweeping the world. . As one of the few companies with production capacity in the whole industry chain, China MMC drones have rich experience in surveying and mapping projects in many countries, including urban mapping, river mapping and land mapping. The MMC drone can preset the route and collect data automatically over the work area. In addition, Corbett has established cooperative relationships with a number of surveying and mapping software industry giants such as Pix4Dmapper, and introduced the collected data into an advanced data processing platform to achieve more accurate and demanding reporting requirements. At present, more and more units have begun to use the Corbett UAV for surveying and mapping. While meeting the accuracy requirements of surveying and mapping, they have also achieved good economic benefits.
  13. The reporter learned from the provincial traffic police corps highway detachment that the provincial traffic police corps highway detachment took the lead in enabling drone air inspections in the jurisdiction, and the drones focused on capturing traffic violations such as emergency lane parking and big car occupation. This is the first time that the high-speed traffic police department of our province has enabled drones to participate in highway traffic management. UAV inspection duty is mainly used for aerial photography to observe road traffic congestion and capture traffic violations. According to the police who used the professional training of the UAV in the early stage, in the scope of the radiation coverage of the drone, it is possible to find where to shoot, and all kinds of violations of traffic rules and road safety can not escape its law. The trajectory of all vehicles and the number plate of the vehicle can be taken very clearly. For some motor vehicles that do not follow the prescribed lanes, illegal lanes for illegal lanes, and emergency lanes, they can be captured, providing strong evidence for the traffic police department to be punished according to law; and capturing and exposing some illegal activities such as retrograde vehicles. Elimination of blind spots in road enforcement. In addition to the use of drones to capture traffic violations such as emergency lanes, the most important thing is to use drones to view road traffic congestion and traffic accident scenes, to provide timely and accurate information support for slow blocking and smooth operation. In the event of a traffic accident causing congestion, the traffic police can not arrive at the first time, the drone first arrives at the incident, and the scene is transmitted to the rear for the first time, according to the actual situation, the next step is given, and at the same time, The traffic police will have a more comprehensive understanding of the traffic accident scene and provide a basis for accurately handling the accident.
  14. The leading industrial drone manufacturer for commercial drone solutions of China- MMC. recently launched Griflion H, a groundbreaking modular hydrogen fuel cell drone platform that uses proven, stable hydrogen fuel cells. Greatly improve the endurance of the drone. The high protection standards and long battery life make it suitable for use in extremely harsh environments (such as rain and snow, alpine regions, high-temperature fires, etc.), and will make a difference in many fields such as rescue and field exploration. 1, modular design to meet a wider range of needs Designed for a range of applications in surveying, inspection and monitoring, Griflion H is the first of its kind to offer an adaptable, modular hydrogen fuel drone platform with a maximum load of 5.1kg. A variety of payloads can be replaced at any time according to the needs of the operation. The load is quickly integrated with the task compartment and quickly taken off. A multi-purpose machine is available to meet a wide range of operational needs. 2, 15 hours long battery life, improve work efficiency The voyage is a prerequisite for industrial-grade drones to solve all operational problems, and Copte has maintained the history of drones. It is reported that the Griflion H drone released this time is equipped with a 9L size gas cylinder, the maximum gas storage capacity is 27L. When using this capacity hydrogen fuel gas cylinder, the drone is fully loaded for 15 hours, and the drone is refreshed again. The battery life avoids the multiple take-off and landing operations of large-area and long-line operations in the past, greatly improving the operation efficiency. This is also the biggest highlight of the Griflion H new drone launch conference. 3. Industrial-grade flight control and navigation system for better stability It is reported that this new hydrogen fuel cell drone Griflion H uses a specially developed industrial-grade flight control and navigation system to realize the autonomous flight of the drone's vertical take-off and landing, flight attitude conversion, mission cruise and so on. High reliability and advanced control algorithm make the UAV have good stability, fast response, high navigation accuracy and good wind resistance. In addition to the development of drones, MMC Aerospace is one of the few companies in the UAV industry that has the full production capacity of the entire industry chain, providing complete project solutions for customers around the world – from project inspection and mapping to inspection and Monitoring. The official launch of the Griflion H drone has enabled MMC to have more efficient product support in a number of UAV customization projects, consolidating its leadership position in the entire UAV industry chain.
  15. "One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero." The Great Wall is known as one of China's symbols. But this majestic ancient building that has stood in China for nearly two thousand years has long lost its original majesty due to the erosion of the years. The Great Wall, the "Great Wall" in our mouth, is the greatest and most majestic military defense project in ancient China. The oldest Great Wall in history dates back to the Western Zhou Dynasty. During the Spring and Autumn Period, the Great Wall built the first climax, and the various vassal states built the Great Wall fortifications on their respective borders. However, the Great Wall during this period was relatively short and relatively low. After Qin and the Six Kingdoms joined together with China, they repaired the Great Wall links of the various vassal states and they were known as the Great Wall. The Ming Dynasty was the last era to overhaul the Great Wall. The Great Wall that we can see this year is mostly the buildings of this period. The Great Wall resources are mainly distributed in 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Ningxia and Xinjiang. According to the National Great Wall Resources Survey conducted by the Chinese Cultural Relics and Surveying and Mapping Department, the total length of the Ming Great Wall is 8851.8 kilometers. According to historical records, the total length of the Qin and Han Dynasties and Great Walls is more than 10,000 kilometers. If the Great Wall resources disappeared due to various reasons such as war, natural disasters and historical invasion, the total length of China's ancient Great Wall resources may exceed. 21,000 kilometers. According to National Geographic, as many as 30% of the Great Wall “is becoming a ruin” due to years of erosion and natural weathering. In order to effectively resist the invasion of foreign enemies, most of the ancient Great Wall was built between the inaccessible mountains and mountains. Even some of the Great Walls “only allow single people to pass”, which limits the effective development of the Great Wall repair project. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has released a video explaining that the Chinese Cultural Relics Protection Department and the Geographical Surveying and Mapping Department have announced that they will use UAVs surveying and mapping the entire Great Wall, hoping to obtain accurate and up-to-date data, and ultimately rely on the data. Targeted repairs to this greatest project in human history. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the data collected by the drone will help the staff to carry out targeted repairs to the vulnerable parts of the Great Wall structure. In May of this year, the South China Morning Post published an article saying that the relevant departments used MMC's Griffion-M8 drone to carry out the Ming Dynasty Jiankou Great Wall, about 80 kilometers north of Beijing. Remote sensing of the machine, drawing a high-definition three-dimensional image of the Great Wall of the Arrows, helps the weathering of the Great Wall to consolidate the repair work smoothly.