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  1. "One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero." The Great Wall is known as one of China's symbols. But this majestic ancient building that has stood in China for nearly two thousand years has long lost its original majesty due to the erosion of the years. The Great Wall, the "Great Wall" in our mouth, is the greatest and most majestic military defense project in ancient China. The oldest Great Wall in history dates back to the Western Zhou Dynasty. During the Spring and Autumn Period, the Great Wall built the first climax, and the various vassal states built the Great Wall fortifications on their respective borders. However, the Great Wall during this period was relatively short and relatively low. After Qin and the Six Kingdoms joined together with China, they repaired the Great Wall links of the various vassal states and they were known as the Great Wall. The Ming Dynasty was the last era to overhaul the Great Wall. The Great Wall that we can see this year is mostly the buildings of this period. The Great Wall resources are mainly distributed in 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Ningxia and Xinjiang. According to the National Great Wall Resources Survey conducted by the Chinese Cultural Relics and Surveying and Mapping Department, the total length of the Ming Great Wall is 8851.8 kilometers. According to historical records, the total length of the Qin and Han Dynasties and Great Walls is more than 10,000 kilometers. If the Great Wall resources disappeared due to various reasons such as war, natural disasters and historical invasion, the total length of China's ancient Great Wall resources may exceed. 21,000 kilometers. According to National Geographic, as many as 30% of the Great Wall “is becoming a ruin” due to years of erosion and natural weathering. In order to effectively resist the invasion of foreign enemies, most of the ancient Great Wall was built between the inaccessible mountains and mountains. Even some of the Great Walls “only allow single people to pass”, which limits the effective development of the Great Wall repair project. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has released a video explaining that the Chinese Cultural Relics Protection Department and the Geographical Surveying and Mapping Department have announced that they will use UAVs surveying and mapping the entire Great Wall, hoping to obtain accurate and up-to-date data, and ultimately rely on the data. Targeted repairs to this greatest project in human history. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the data collected by the drone will help the staff to carry out targeted repairs to the vulnerable parts of the Great Wall structure. In May of this year, the South China Morning Post published an article saying that the relevant departments used MMC's Griffion-M8 drone to carry out the Ming Dynasty Jiankou Great Wall, about 80 kilometers north of Beijing. Remote sensing of the machine, drawing a high-definition three-dimensional image of the Great Wall of the Arrows, helps the weathering of the Great Wall to consolidate the repair work smoothly.
  2. Recently, in order to make rational use of the Yangtze River coastline and strengthen the maintenance of the Yangtze River ecology and river safety, the Zhenjiang Municipal Government urgently needs high-resolution orthophotos within 500 meters of the Yangtze River, and superimposes it as an image base map and water conservancy thematic information... The project area starts from Jurong City Avenue in the west and west to Xilaiqiao Town in Yangzhong City. The ground resolution requirement is 8 cm. A drone with a wingspan of 2.5 meters rises slowly on the beach on the banks of the Yangtze River. This is a vertical takeoff and landing drone built for aerial surveying - MMC‘s’GRIFLION M8. This drone combines the advantages of multiple rotors and fixed wings: flexible take-off and landing, limited by the environment; fast flight speed, long battery life, can be equipped with high-definition cameras; with RTK+PPK system, one button At the same time of accurate take-off and landing, it meets the requirements of high-precision drawing. Before taking off, the flying hand has uploaded the carefully planned route to the drone. According to the 8 cm resolution requested by the customer, the aerial overlap ratio is set to 75% of the heading, 70% of the sideways, and a total of 41 flying frames. After about an hour, thanks to the RTK centimeter positioning, the plane finally landed at the takeoff point. After a simple equipment inspection and disassembly work, the flying hand drove to the next takeoff point. During the flight operation of the drone, there are often 6-7 winds and heavy rains. The Corbett mapping team completed the 400-square-kilometer flight in just 15 days, acquiring more than 21,000 high-quality drone images with an image resolution of 42 million pixels. Finally, the staff imported the data into the Pix4Dmapper for processing, and stitched all the scattered drone data into a continuous, standardized, measurable image map. It provides reliable information for the government to fully understand the development and utilization of the Yangtze River coastline.
  3. Speaking of surveying and mapping, I think everyone will not be unfamiliar. From engineering construction to land management, people are often inseparable from the help and assistance of surveying and mapping. In the past, traditional surveying and mapping relied mainly on manpower, not only to face a broad and complex geographical environment, but also to worry about the danger of disasters at any time. The mapping can be described as being intimidating, inefficient, and safe. However, with the development of the times and the emergence and application of various intelligent technologies, today's surveying and mapping has changed a lot. UAV became the "new favorite" of surveying and mapping One of the most obvious changes is the application of drones. In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies such as flight control, navigation and communication, drones have gradually become the "new vents" for people's attention and application, from agricultural plant protection to power inspection, from film and television shooting to fire rescue, from emergency Communication to traffic inspections, we can see the drone's healthy posture. With the gradual opening of the consumer market, its industrial-grade applications have continued to land, and the field of surveying and mapping has become a new airspace for its soaring. The UAV, which incorporates remote sensing technology, has been widely praised by people in the surveying and mapping industry for its remarkable advantages such as high flexibility, low cost and easy operation, as well as the ability to perform remote sensing surveying tasks efficiently and safely. In China, including vertical and horizontal, zero degree, extreme flying, MMC, etc., there are already many companies involved in the layout and mapping of drones in China. They upgraded drone technology with surveying and mapping requirements and environmental changes, expanded and optimized drone design and functions, and promoted the vigorous application of surveying and mapping drones in national mapping, environmental monitoring, road planning, and emergency response.Today, MMC's surveying and mapping drones have made great progress in terms of battery life and anti-jamming capability. MMC's Grifflion M8 can use a variety of complex environments in surveying and mapping applications. With the help of the upgrade and development of the surveying and mapping industry, drones have become the "new darling" of the surveying and mapping industry. According to industry experts, the current surveying and mapping drones are ushing in the sprint phase of large-scale commercialization. In the future, with the bottleneck of function, technology and design breakthrough, a broad and mature blue ocean market will be presented. Data collection creates great value So, how does the drone's specific value for mapping work? As we all know, mapping is divided into two parts: measurement and drawing. The realization of these two parts is inseparable from an important foundation, that is, data. Whether it is surveying and mapping in disaster areas, urban planning or simple land mapping, it is necessary to map, deploy and make decisions based on data. The mapping of drones as a flexible, accurate and stable mapping platform is an excellent tool for data collection. First of all, the drone can overcome the objective environmental constraints, and with the characteristics of fast flight speed, flexibility, adaptability, and stability, it can use sensors, cameras and other intelligent equipment from the air to obtain various geographies comprehensively, accurately and accurately. information. After that, data analysis and delivery of this information can provide important reference for drawing, layout and decision making. Secondly, the integration of UAVs with artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and other technologies can not only further enhance the speed and accuracy of data collection, analysis and transmission, but also give greater use of data information. For example, through data to help insurance companies to make damage claims, use data for disaster prevention and post-disaster construction, provide more business services through data, and so on. All in all, the biggest help for drones in surveying and mapping is the collection, analysis and transmission of data. With this function, people can not only easily complete various surveying and mapping tasks, but also complete other related or extended tasks. As long as the data is transformed into services, the mapping of drones will release greater commercial value and thus have a broader market space.
  4. Using drones to transport medical samples such as tissue sections, blood, serum, vaccines, organs, etc., at the signing ceremony of the medical logistics drone project and the cooperation of industry, university and research institute held at the Second Hospital of Nanhua University, this scene made the witness praise . During the operation of the medical logistics drone, the eye-opening, well-trained staff independently loaded the safety box (packages, blood and other medical samples) into the drone and passed the artificial intelligence application. Start the drone. Then, the drone was autonomously flew to the pathology department on the 5th floor of the destination outpatient hall on the 9th floor of the second inpatient department of Nanhua Second Hospital along the scheduled route, and the safety box was received by another staff member. The medical logistics drone has a load capacity of up to 2.5 kg, an infrared sensor is used to guide its take-off and landing, and in an emergency, the drone has a built-in parachute to ensure it falls safely on the ground. It is understood that the hospital is the first hospital in the country to use the UAV logistics transmission system. After using the drone logistics, the inspection efficiency can be improved, and the position of the inspection center can be flexibly arranged to reduce the repeated investment of large-scale inspection equipment. However, limited by the drone load and endurance, the application of medical logistics drones needs further research and development, but according to the information that the reporter knows, the current domestic industrial drone manufacturer MMC has developed and produced the Skylle 1550 load capacity. It has reached 15 kilograms and has a life time of 81 minutes in the air. If it is equipped with the hydrogen fuel power system developed by MMC, the battery life can reach an astonishing 4.5 hours. It is reported that the company is currently working with a Chinese medical institution to develop and discuss how to solve the harsh conditions of drug and medical device transportation. I believe that there will be a major breakthrough soon. According to industry insiders, medical drones are currently only used for telemedicine rescue, which often has a huge effect on some emergencies. At this stage, the technology related to medical drones has not yet matured, so the most important thing is to ensure safety, and it is necessary to strictly avoid the interference of medical drones on the aviation system.
  5. Are you a rescue team? It is recommended that you use our drones, the load capacity is extraordinary, not only can load 12kg items, but also the event is 81 minutes, and there is a hydrogen fuel drone, the longest battery life can reach 4.5 hours. . You can check out our website. http://www.mmcuav.com/portfolio-items/skylle-1550/ http://www.mmcuav.com/portfolio-items/hydrogen-fuel-cell-system/
  6. On September 4th, the Nanning City Water Search and Rescue Center did a 2019 water emergency new equipment demonstration and drill, used drones to locate the position of the "drowning victims", then the rescue team implemented the rescue process. The drill simulated a collision between two ships, causing four people to fall into the water and a ship to sink. The water search and rescue center duty room immediately started the emergency action after receiving the alarm, and coordinated the rescue personnel in the search and rescue base, to carry new equipment for the rescue. The rescue team controlled the firefighting drone to quickly locate the rescue target on the water surface. The water rescue robot dragged the drowning victims back to the shore, rescued the three drowning victims with the help of the multi-function life-saving rod. After that, the rescue team continued to use the sweeping sonar and underwater robots to conduct underwater searches for wrecks and a missing person. It is reported that the equipment used in the drill is the most advanced water search and rescue equipment in Nanning, including the Thyea Z40 HD zoom camera developed by MMC, which can let you see a clear face of a person in nearly 1 km, and Thyea T2 thermal imaging camera which can fast and efficiently locate the target. Besides water rescue, the MMC UAV has been used in the primeval forest for emergency rescue. A total of 2 sea patrol ships, 3 rubber boats, and 2 MMC X85 drones were dispatched for this drill,this is the drone used to search and rescue.The drilling procedure is divided into 4 subjects: information collection at site, water rescue for drowning victims, the underwater search for underwater victims and underwater salvage. Each subject of the drill is carried out in an orderly manner. The participants used drones to monitor, and sweeping sonar, the new water rescue equipment such as underwater robots, successfully completed the rescue drill. It not only demonstrated the style of the new equipment but also fully tested the familiarity of the personnel’s search and rescue capabilities by using these equipment.
  7. Recently, the Wuzhou Bureau´s UHV power transmission management department successfully completed the one-and-a-half-month period extensive drone inspection of Guishan’s double power line. A total of 767 bases of Guishan jia-yi Lines were inspected. The completion ratio was 100%. The inspection revealed 1129 more major and even way more serious defects, 420 more minor defects. These newly revealed defects were all omitted by previous manual and helicopter inspections. The results of the inspection were very significant. The high level defects which seriously affected the safety of the power lines had been thoroughly discovered at this time, were compiled into a completely new defect booklet, it would provide reliable reference for subsequent accurate defect elimination. MMC’s drones have also played an increasingly important role in power line inspections with features of long flight time and 3 proofings. During the hosttest summertime in July and August, The UAV pilots were using drones to implement the power line inspection orderly against the scorching heat waves. It is said that the terrain of the Guishan double line is of complexity. They often carry dozens of kilograms of equipment such as drones, battery boxes, infrared thermometers, and emergency medicine kits. This inspection project requires clear pictures of each hanging point of the tower body. A single-circuit tension power tower needs 100 photos taken, and it takes an hour to inspect in average. The pilot would use a drone equipped with the Thyea Z4 camera for aerial photo taking. Thyea Z40 is a micro-miniature three-axis pan/tilt camera with specs of 12 megapixels, 40x zoom, and function of object tracking. Usually the pilot can inspect about 10 base towers, take a total of more than 1,000 line body photos. After returning to the local station, they had to edit and supervise the defects from the day´s photos for report and summary. The bureau´s power transmission management department´s extensive inspection project was successfully completed, and won the unanimous praise of many leaders. This inspection project is an all-round and meticulous inspection of the line body, which provides an important reference for the defect eliminating work of this winter and next spring. At the same time, for the larger risky points that may affect the safe and stable operation of the line, the transmission management department will also make defect elimination strategy in the near future, to achieve early detection and early processing. Regardless of the collection of "line channel, equipment body" information, or the reduction of work costs and risks, drones have played an important role. The power transmission management department will further push the refined application of drones in the field of power transmission.
  8. The West-East Electricity Transfer Project is one of the landmark projects in the development of western China. In this project, Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC power transmission project is one of the landmark projects. It is also the UHV transmission project with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance and the most advanced technology level in China. This project has set a new height in the world's power grid technology and started a new era in the development of UHV DC power transmission technology. According to reports, Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC power transmission project is the "Power Silk Road" connecting Xinjiang and East China. It can transmit 66 billion kWh of electricity to East China every year, and that can light up 400 million 30-watt lamps at the same time. It can same time.electricity demand of 50 million households in East China. At the same time, it can reduce coal transportation by 30.24 million tons. If it is calculated by train capacity, it needs 25,000 20-compartment trains. How to ensure the constant and safe electricity supply of the "Power Silk Road"? On September 1st, the reporter took this question into the hinterland of the Gurbantunggut Desert in Jimsar County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and closely watched the circuit inspection of the Xinjiang Power Grid. From afar, the insulators used in ±1100 kV UHV DC power transmission are much larger and more than those in the ±750 kV UHV power transmission, and the tower is very tall. Going deep into the desert’s hinterland, the sand is loose and soft, it’s very hot with high temperature all the year-round. Even the lightly geared reporters had a very tough walk, I can imagine the hard work of the power inspectors. “In the past, in order to ensure the safe working of the main power grid, we mainly did a manual inspection. Now we use drones to conduct inspections to ensure personnel safety and improve work efficiency.” Chen Hui, head of the Xinjiang Power Grid Inspection Center of State Power Grid, told the reporter that the line spans across the Tianshan Mountains. Nearly 80% of the towers are located in the mountainous areas. Due to the steep mountains and cliffs and other factors, some tower inspection personnel cannot reach to the towers. The daily inspection work of the line cannot be carried out, so the drone inspection is required. "In the past, a base tower needs 2-3 people to check for about one and a half hours. Now drone inspection is put into use. It only takes about 15 minutes for 2 people to do the job." Says Yangkai, the 1st level pilot of Xinjiang Power Grid Inspection Center of State Power Grid. This has greatly improved the efficiency of work and made our "air dancers" safer. The most important thing is drone can provide clear and effective sample data by using various payloads attached to it (such as high-definition cameras, thermal imaging cameras, etc.). For the harsh environment such as Snow Mountain and Gobi desert, the high mobility of drone has its unparalleled advantages. Increasing the participation of drones can effectively solve the problems of insufficient coverage and monitoring by terminals, and improve the resource utilization of hardware and software. The person in charge told the reporter that the drone's participation in power inspection has the advantages of saving labor costs, increasing safety index and efficiency, and this brings revolution to the working modes of inspection and maintenance of power line. The traditional electric power inspection requires the inspectors to arrive at the sites in the mountains and waters, which is not only inefficient but also risky for working at height. The efficiency and safety of drone inspection are higher, and large-scale and intelligent operation can be realized, which greatly improves the reliability of power grid operation, and ensures the safe operation of the power grid. According to reports, so far the Xinjiang company of state power grid has successively put a variety of different models of MMC unmanned drones into the power line inspection. However, in daily inspections of ordinary high-voltage power lines, they mostly use the Skylle series, and in the inspection of the Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV high-voltage DC power transmission project, the MMC SKYLLE 1550 model was used. The MMC SKYLLE 1550 has the features of heavy load and excellent endurance, and its modular design further enhances reliability and makes it easier to use. Skylle 1550 has a MMC flight controller built inside in default, features network video transmission, 12S high voltage battery pack, supports a variety of payloads, its max weight load can go up to 10KG, it provides a reliable high-performance flight platform for industrial aerial photography and industrial applications. Photon C20 high-definition video transmission system, consists of C20T transmitter and C20R receiver, supports H.264 codec, to achieve stable and smooth transmission of high-definition video. The C20T supports multiple video format inputs and features 128-bit dedicated encryption for more secure and reliable transmission. The C20R supports HDMI and network video output, and is compatible with various interfaces on display devices, and has enhanced anti-interference capability. It can work stably in wind and rain, dust or high temperature and cold weather, it provides high-reliability control. In addition, the SKYLLE 1550 can locate damaged parts by using the long-range zooming camera Thyea Z40 or the thermal imager camera ZT40. It allows manual re-inspection in the control end so that the inspection of the UHV power line in no man’s land can be carried out smoothly, it is more reliable than the telescope under the tower. The infrared temperature measurement function of the Thyea ZT40 can discover the potential danger of the wire in time. The Thyea Z40’s 40x zooming can help them find the broken insulators, loose screws, tilted metals, and the details, thus it shortens the fault judgment time. As the world's leading manufacturer of drones, MMC has been committed to driving technological innovation and striving to develop the social value of technology applications. Since the beginning of exploring the application of drones in the power industry in 2016, MMC has been concentrating on improving localized after-sales service. With solid industry experience and technological competence, it has achieved outstanding results in the power inspection market. At present, the MMC drones have covered the first-line teams of 27 provincial departments of the State Grid and the five provincial companies of China Southern Power Grid. According to statistics, as of May 2019, the total distance that MMC drones have been flying through exceeded 400,000 kilometers, and the annual inspection operations exceeded 800,000 kilometers.
  9. Wildlife is an important part of natural ecosystems, protecting them from global ecological health and safety. Wildlife conservation work should first investigate the population resources, understand the exact distribution of species, population size, habitat changes, etc., and provide a scientific basis for further assessment of species quality of life, determination of protection levels and development of appropriate protection strategies. However, this important basic work is extremely difficult to implement under the conditions of mountain forests. Recently, the Qinling Golden Monkey Research Team of the College of Life Sciences of Northwest University applied the thermal imaging camera drone to the wild Sichuan golden monkey distribution and population size survey in the Qinling area. In the survey area, the research team collected thermal imaging videos of the wild populations of the three groups of Rhinopithecus roxellana, and obtained accurate distribution locations and population sizes of these populations. What is the traditional wildlife survey method? He Gang, an animal protection expert from the Qinling Rare and Endangered Animal Conservation Key Laboratory of Shaanxi Province, said that traditional wildlife surveys are usually conducted by experienced investigators entering the survey area, conducting field surveys along the design line, and passing through manual observation records. The animal entities and traces found to determine the species distribution and scale. However, under the conditions of mountain forests, the investigators must first face the long and rugged roads. Secondly, the investigators move slowly, it is difficult to find and locate the animals; in addition, it is difficult to strip the animals and only through visible light. It is difficult to observe every individual in its hidden environment. This has greatly affected the accuracy and efficiency of wildlife surveys. He Gang said that drones and thermal imaging technology have brought new opportunities to change this situation. The combination of the two technologies can effectively solve the difficulties that are difficult to overcome in traditional survey methods. Drone and thermal imaging He Gang introduced that drone technology can overcome the limitations of terrain and field of view, and thermal imaging technology discovers individual animals through temperature differences between animals and the environment. 1. The drone can fly fast on the canopy, can eliminate the terrain and vegetation blocking when the ground moves, and realize the free movement. At the same time, the actual work of the drone can be 15-20 km/h. The speed scans the survey area to greatly improve the speed of investigation. 2. The way the drone is viewed from the air has the characteristics of large depth and wide viewing angle, which eliminates the visual blocking problem of low viewing angle; on the other hand, using thermal imaging technology to detect infrared thermal radiation instead of visible light, Animals that were originally hidden under the forest can be visualized, as long as the animal's body temperature and the ambient temperature have a significant temperature difference. After the animals are discovered, the researchers can manually observe and observe the animal population for a long time, which can effectively improve the timeliness and accuracy of the population statistics. In addition, the track information recorded by the UAV can confirm the coordinates of the population in time and provide objective evidence. 3. The drone's replacement of manpower for investigation can reduce the safety risk of investigators going deep into the mountain forest area for on-the-spot investigation; the non-contact characteristics of the thermal imager will also reduce the interference of the survey work itself on wild animals. Looking back at the road of exploration that combines the two technologies, He Gang said that it is not all the way. He recalled that at the beginning, the research team only thought of applying drone technology, but the test results were not ideal. Although the drone can be seen in the air, ordinary visible light lenses still cannot pass through the dense canopy and find the animals hidden. However, the mobility of the drone and its ability to overcome ground obstacles have allowed the research team to see the potential of its application. “Later, when we were involved in the measurement of wild animal body temperature in the Qinling Rare and Endangered Animal Conservation Key Laboratory in Shaanxi Province, we noticed the thermal imaging technology, which instantly opened up new ideas for our research.” He Gang said. He Gang shared, through a series of experimental tests, the research team gradually completed the applicability test of UAV and thermal imaging technology under various terrain, habitat and altitude conditions. By continuously summarizing the test results and optimizing the flight plan of the drone and the shooting plan of the thermal imager, the research team basically solved the parameter adaptation of the thermal imager resolution, flight height, etc., the flight altitude and the speed and the area calculation of the survey area. The interference of other heat sources on animal surveys, the safe take-off and landing of mountain forest areas, the recovery of drones, the remote control transmission of drones, the attenuation of communication signals, and the cross-wind of valleys seriously threaten the safe flight of drones. "The combination of drone and thermal imaging technology may be one of the best technical options for conducting wild animal surveys in mountainous forest areas. The technology will be very good in other grasslands, deserts, waters and other environments. Applicability.” He Gang said that due to technical factors such as thermal imaging resolution and UAV observation distance, it is better to apply this technology in the investigation of large mammals (such as golden monkeys, giant pandas, takins, etc.).
  10. This morning, I saw a news report. In a reservoir in a city in China, law enforcement officers used drones equipped with thermal infrared cameras to detect nighttime illegal acts and take photos for evidence. A water reservoir is undoubtedly a key place for a city and an important source of water for urban drinking. Therefore, how to effectively protect the water source, for law enforcement agencies, often need to face the challenges of various illegal activities. How to protect water sources, traditional methods generally rely on manual inspections, can only be opened along the shore, with the naked eye. However, with the development of drone technology, the application of thermal infrared equipment in the inspection of drones has improved the efficiency of inspection and expanded inspection scope. Not only that, but the drone thermal imaging equipment can also judge whether there is sewage discharge according to the difference in sleep temperature, and combat the illegal discharge of sewage. For the application of drones, not only in the field of inspection, but also in the field of drones, the drones have been developed in many fields such as surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, urban management, and sport management. In the various application fields of the drone, the drone is used as a working platform to carry out different tasks by carrying different tasks, so a good task load night vision is very important. As a leading manufacturer of industrial drones, MMCUAV has released mission loads for a variety of scenarios since last year. The Thyea T2 is a thermal infrared pan-tilt camera for fire rescue, inspection, and other fields. The characteristics of Thyea T2 are: with 50Hz refresh rate, resolution up to 640*512, reaching the advanced level in the industry, and also supporting 4x digital zoom, which not only meets the requirements of fine analysis but also has a long imaging distance and can maintain large security. Distance, increase; temperature measurement accuracy up to 0.06 ° C, temperature range -20 ° C -150 ° C, for most of the inspection, detection, search tasks can be satisfied; at the same time can also carry out regional temperature measurement, pointing temperature measurement, Pointing movement, high temperature alarm, automatic inspection and many other functions.
  11. That's no problem. The cam's working tempeerature is -20℃~60℃. So in general, as long as it's not too cold, it works.However, if the temperature is too low, I believe very few people will go out to work.
  12. This camera has a 500 meter laser fill in in the dark, so it's best to stay within 500 meters.There is no problem in light rain weather, and in dusty places, it does not affect the use, but we recommend the use of another hot infrared zoom zoom dual-light camera.
  13. Recently, the eastern part of China has been affected by the super typhoon. At present, dozens of people have died and disappeared. Therefore, after the typhoon, the search and rescue work needs to be started immediately. The traditional search and rescue method is inefficient, but the drone is equipped with relevant search and rescue equipment. Rescuers gather information in inaccessible places, such as collapsed buildings and nearby dangerous areas, to flexibly detect disasters. At the same time, the drone can also be equipped with infrared detection equipment and thermal sensing equipment to quickly scan and locate the location and information of missing persons. MMCUAV's Thyea T2 is a high-precision three-axis gyro-stabilized universal joint with a UAV payload standard connector and an intelligent high-precision thermal imaging camera. Breaking through the limitations of light and space, capturing clear and accurate thermal images anytime, anywhere. The Thyea T2 thermal imaging camera offers new dimensions for your vision, enabling you to quickly search large areas or close up to detect hard to climb device. Work becomes more efficient, simple and secure. At the same time, the drone can also carry out remote sensing mapping, power repair, signal relay, throwing rescue and other aspects of work, to help rescue, post-disaster reconstruction.
  14. It is true that there are two cameras, but this is not a simple combination. Although there are products of the same type in the market, believe me, our cost performance is very high, and we think it is worth your having.If you want to know the price or more information, you can email(bistoury1989@gmail.com) me.
  15. Thyea N30L adopts professional three-axis stabilized zoom holder, adopts high precision encoder FOC control scheme, and is equipped with a 30x starlight hd zoom camera 1080P full hd starlight night vision network camera, to achieve aerial aerial shooting of aerial long distance zoom, especially for the public security, fire protection, power and other industries. Specifications Size: 163*164*158mm Weight: 1265g Assemble:Detachable Zoomable:Yes Zoom times of visible light:30 times Optical Video resolution:1080P Temperature measurement range: -30°C~70°C Sensor:1/2.8-typeExmor R CMOS Pixel/resolution :2 million pixels ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 1. Standard Connector for High Compatibility Thyea N30L is installed with UAV payload standard connector, UAV equivalent to USB, that allows for quick installation and release with extreme convenience. 2. High-precision 3-axial Gyro-stabilized Gimbal Thyea N30L is equipped with a high-precision 3-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal system that is able to protect itself from high-frequency vibration. The gimbal uses the latest FOC brushless motor featuring precise and high-frequency response, avoiding shake to any degree during the flight. In the meantime, high processor can precisely control the operation of motor, adjust shooting angle and stabilize images even when the lens zoom up for 30 times. 3. Switch Between Color Mode and Night Vision Mode With Thyea N30L, users can switch between color mode and night vision mode according to their needs. 4. High Definition 30X Optical Zoom lens Both in color and night vision mode, Thyea N30L uses 30X optical zoom lens so users can conduct remote surveillance and inspection day or night. 5. Two Megapixel High Definition Color Camera In color mode, the camera could identify human face from 1km away with its large 2-megapixel sensor and 30X optical zoom lens. 6.Night Vision Sensor and Intelligent Laser Light Compensation In color mode, Thyea N30L automatically senses light changes and initiates 500m-range laser light filler which compensates light according to camera zooming for capturing a clear image. 7.Target Point Tracking When in tracking mode, users can click a target point in the screen and then it is moved to the center. The target point will then be locked down and tracked by gimbal. 8. Compact Size and Light Weight With a lightweight design, Thyea N30L weighs only 1265g, the lightest amongst its counterparts and compatible with various UAV systems. Due to the inability to upload GIF images, many of the test results cannot be shown, the following two are night vision mode, laser fill light and pointing tracking function of video video, here is the website: MMCuav Thyea N30L 30X Optical Zoom、Night Vision、 Laser Light Compensation MMCUAV Thyea N30L 3-axial gyro-stabilized gimbal Target Point Tracking
  16. In August last year, we took a cruise to Okinawa. When a friend mentioned the mission, he repeatedly stressed that he should not fly on the cruise. I was prepared to fly. I asked him why he happened to have a friend on a cruise. Playing, the two planes flying all went out of the sea. Later, I tried it on the ship. The elf just fell off the ground because of GPS interference. I tried it several times, because the TV, telephone, Internet, etc. on the cruise ship all use satellite signals, which is particularly strong against the aircraft.
  17. Is there any specific parameters intoduction, then we can intuitively know what your product is.