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  1. Murry, that's the best way to learn to fly a drone, with a cheaper one that does not have GPS. Learn to fly the heck out of it and when you do make a transition to a more complicated platform you can concentrate on filming or taking pictures, as opposed to learning to fly. You will find out that there is much more to droning than charging your AC and putting it in the air. formulate a plan for practice, check the weather, check for no fly zones, and most importantly, learn the regulations for your country and fly by them. hover well my friend
  2. To start leave camera in auto. Set white balance to sunny, or cloudy depending on light. Do not leave white balance on auto. Take a boat load of pictures using auto focus. then learn how to focus manually. when you get comfortable change the camera to manual and learn how to adjust aperture, for depth of field, and shutter speed to blur or sharpen.
  3. Eaglebeak, your going to have a ball. I've been flying my M2Z for about 5 months now and you could not ask for a better airframe at this price point. Take it slow and read, read, read the manual. As long as you take it slow this bird almost flies itself. Think of a flying tripod for your camera. I'm close to retirement myself, and learning new and exciting things keeps our minds young. Fly well, and be safe.
  4. I like Kittyhawk. you can request LAANC clearance on your phone and most times get immediate clearance.
  5. Rockycat


    R.T.F.M. it's that simple.
  6. Hello Chase Flynn. Started out droning with your typical $50 dollar drone. I learned how to fly, or what not to do. Moved up to a $300 Holystone that has GPS and a very crude camera, but I loved it. So I did some research and took the plunge with a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. Now I'm hooked. I love a how you have to be proactive, and gain knowledge about flying drones. I'm a hobbyist now, but I am studying for my PT107, and would like to one day make enough money flying my drone to pay for my new habit, flying the coolest tech. around and making videos and still pictures. Regards